The Pharmacist Will See You Now by Ashlynn Valana

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I decided to spend some time relaxing with a good romance book last night. I needed some down time and reading is a great way to relax and unwind. I’d read a book by Ashlynn Valana before that I enjoyed (The Doctor Is In Love?), so I wanted to check out her next book – The Pharmacist The Pharmacist Will See You Now by Ashlynn ValanaWill See You Now. 

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The Pharmacist Will See You Now

Hair stylist Leah Palmer left her big city life in Seattle behind to return to the small community of Harris Valley, Yukon to take care of her sick mother, but whether she will stick around is another question. Myles Knight had spent every summer of his childhood in rugged, rural British Columbia. With his life now centered around his job in an urban California pharmacy, he is eager for a change of pace, but will a trip to Harris Valley for his friend Megan’s wedding live up to his expectations?

With the town’s only pharmacist planning to retire, Leah hopes to convince Myles to take over but doesn’t think the muscular, tanned, blonde haired Myles has it in him. Myles takes an immediate liking to Leah but questions the motivations behind her affections.

As the days of his short visit tick by Myles wonders if Harris Valley is the place for him while Leah ponders if her reasons for wanting him to stay have changed. Can Leah look past his California boy looks to see the rugged man beneath? Can Myles take a chance on a new life, with a new love?

My thoughts:

Leah lives in rural BC with her mother who has RA. She learns that the local drug store may be closing because the pharmacist wants to retire. She’s concerned about there being no drug store in their small town, and how her mother will manage. Myles spent many wonderful summers in rural BC but currently lives in California. He’s dissatisfied with his life but making a change is very difficult for him.

Leah hopes that Myles will stay in town and take over the pharmacist position, but she doesn’t think he’ll make it in their rural town based on his tanned, California looks. Myles is hesitant to leave everything behind that he’s comfortable with to try something new. Leah and Myles both need to work through these issues if their relationship is going to have any chance at all.

The Pharmacist Will See You Now is an easy-to-read romance that will keep you smiling until the very end. The author has a wonderful style of writing that made me feel like I knew each of the characters and was part of the town. I love getting to know the characters in Harris Valley, and I look forward to more books in the series!


About the Author:

Ashlynn Valana began her writing career with her blog Crippled Hands Write in 2016. The blog explores all aspects of living life with a chronic illness (rheumatoid arthritis), working, life and writing. Valana was diagnosed with RA at the age of twenty-three, and it has impacted and will continue to impact her goals, decisions and the trajectory of her life. It is her hope to raise awareness for chronic illness by exploring the human side of disease with her characters.

Valana works hard to hone her craft with plenty of practice, rewrites, continuing education and being an avid reader. She has hopes of continuing to write and self-publish romance and fiction novels. She was born and raised in rural British Columbia before completing first a Bachelor of Arts in History then a Library Technician Diploma. In addition to writing, she currently works in digital records management and in the public library system where people watching inspires many plot lines and characters. She currently resides in BC with her hardworking husband, and their quirky Bengal cat Jackson.