The Doctor Is In (Love?) by Ashlynn Valana

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This was a really long week, and I was looking forward to relaxing with a good romance book. There is just something about a love story that makes The Doctor Is In (Love?) by Ashlynn Valanaeverything in the world look better. The Doctor Is In (Love?) by Ashlynn Valana was the perfect choice for a lazy Saturday morning on the couch. 

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The Doctor Is In (Love?) by Ashlynn Valana

Urban California doctor Megan Parker was a rising star in the medical field until a freak accident sends her running to rural Canada for a fresh start.

Long haul trucker Hunter Scott had never questioned his nomadic lifestyle, until a winter driving the roads of Harris Valley, Yukon leaves him yearning to make it his permanent home. A dream he will do anything to make it happen.

When Hunter’s trusty rig breaks down in the first snow storm of the year he, and his faithful dog Puddle, find themselves on the doctor’s doorstep. Megan invites the strangers to stay but has no intentions of falling for the handsome stranger, whose reputation in town has proceeded him.

As the snow continues to fall sparks begin to fly leaving both wondering: was it cruel fate that brought the two together, or destiny? Can Megan be open to admitting past mistakes for the chance at a fairy tale future? Can Hunter convince Megan that he is ready to stay in one place with the right woman?

My thoughts:

Megan Parker lost the man she loved in a car accident. Trying to start over, she heads to rural Canada to take over a mail order business. She knows nothing about rural living in northern Canada but she is trying to escape and decides this is a good place to start over.  One day, Megan finds Hunter Scott collapsed in the snow after an injury. Because the area is in the middle of a snowstorm, she brings him back to her cabin and takes care of his injury while they are snowed in.

She never expected to fall for Hunter, especially since the word around town is that he is a bit of a playboy. Hunter never had any plans on settling down until his accident makes him reconsider the long-term safety of his chosen career. Both of them need to get over some preconceived ideas and learn to trust the other to see if this romance really has a chance of lasting forever.

The Doctor Is In (Love?) is a fun, light-hearted romance. The characters are very easy to relate to and the situation is completely believable. I love the way Megan and Hunter got along together, and I could easily see myself liking both of them.  Once I started reading, I didn’t want to put the book down. If you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend a few hours, you need to read this book.

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About the Author:

Ashlynn Valana began her writing career with her blog Crippled Hands Write in 2016. The blog explores all aspects of living life with a chronic illness (rheumatoid arthritis), working, life and writing. Valana was diagnosed with RA at the age of twenty-three and it has impacted, and will continue to impact her goals, decisions and the trajectory of her life. It is her hope to raise awareness for chronic illness by exploring the human side of disease with her characters.

Valana works hard to hone her craft with plenty of practice, rewrites, continuing education and being an avid reader. She has hopes of continuing to write and self-publish romance and fiction novels. She was born and raised in rural British Columbia before completing first a Bachelor of Arts in History then a Library Technician Diploma. In addition to writing, she currently works in digital records management and in the public library system where people watching inspires many plot lines and characters. She currently resides in BC with her hardworking husband, and their quirky Bengal cat Jackson.

Valana published her first book, The Doctor is In (Love?) in August of 2016 and has plans to release a sequel in the fall. It is currently available for purchase through Amazon.

2 thoughts on “The Doctor Is In (Love?) by Ashlynn Valana

  1. This book sounds like something I’d read and there’s a dog in the story too, so bonus. I love the author’s name and can appreciate her struggle with arthritis, which has been passed down on my mom’s side of the family in the women. It’s a challenging condition for sure but you just keep going forward. Hopefully there will be a cure some day. Thanks for the review.

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