Playmobil City Life Toys

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Have you seen the new Playmobil City Life toys? Learn more about these playsets and make them a part of your back to school toy list.

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Have you seen the new Playmobil City Life toys? Learn more about these playsets and make them a part of your back to school toy list.

Playmobil City Life Toys

Playmobil City Life line includes a variety of playsets your child will enjoy. The City Life theme focuses around things your child may see in their city or town.

Children will love playing with these playsets and learning more about the world around them. Here are just a few of the Playmobil City Life sets you can get.

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Playmobil City Life Playsets

Grandmother with child
Furnished school building
Modern house
School janitor with supplies
Take along school house
Eye doctor set
Mother with children
Adventure playground

Of course, there are lots more Playmobil City Life play sets included but these are a few I wanted to highlight as back to school time gets closer.

two children playing together with small toys

Encouraging cooperative play

Encouraging cooperative play is an important social skill that young children need to develop. And, these toys complement back to school time.

Playmobil City Life Toys are great for children to play together. These toys are about things kids see every day like houses, schools, and playgrounds.

When kids play with these toys, they get to pretend they’re adults doing regular jobs. This helps them understand how to talk and work with others.

Let’s say kids are playing with the ‘School Building’ set. They can pretend to be the teacher, the student, or the janitor. They can talk and work with each other like they’re in a real classroom.

This kind of play helps them learn about teamwork and how to understand other people’s feelings. That’s why Playmobil City Life Toys are so good for kids to play with together.

a pile of Playmobil toys on the table

Can I use City Life toys with other sets?

Absolutely! One of the major advantages of Playmobil toys including the Playmobil City Life sets is their compatibility across various sets. This means that your child can mix and match their City Life toys with other Playmobil sets.

For instance, they could invite a Playmobil police officer into the Modern House set for a routine check or have a Playmobil zoo keeper visit the Adventure Playground.

This encourages imaginative play, allowing preschoolers to create diverse scenarios and storylines. The potential for creative play is endless, truly highlighting the joy of using Playmobil sets.

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Do the Playmobil City Life toys include characters?

Yes, depending on which set you buy, there are figurines included. The City Life Busy I received has a school bus driver and 3 different Playmobil figurines.

You can set the figures in the school bus and let them look out the window. It even has cute accessories like backpacks, crayons and books.

Where can I buy Playmobil City Life sets?

Playmobil City Life sets and accessories are readily available for purchase. You can conveniently find them on Amazon.

Or, you could visit your favorite local toy store. Whether you want the fully furnished school building, the modern house, or the adventure playground, you’re only a click or a short trip away from bringing these engaging playsets into your home.

Shop for the Playmobil City Life here.

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