Playmobil Dragons The Nine Realms Toys

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Check out the latest Dragons The Nine Realms Toys from Playmobil. Learn more about the dragon playsets for kids ages 4 and up.

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Playmobil Dragons The Nine Realms Toys

So, Dragons The Nine Realms is based on Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon. The Nine Realms is a computer animated series that you can watch on Hulu. 

The series is set 1300 years after How to Train Your Dragon. Dragons are just a legend until an anomaly opens up a hole in the Earth’s surface. And, a group of kids discover where all of the dragons have been hiding. 

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Playmobil Dragons The Nine Realms Playsets

The playsets feature magical and awesome dragons and their human companions. Fans of the franchise can recreate their favorite scenes from the series and dragon lovers can create their own adventures! As always, the Playmobil fun is endless.

These playsets are for ages 4 to 10. There are many small pieces so they aren’t suitable for younger children.

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Icaris Lab

First, the main playset in the Dragons the Nine Realms series is Icaris Lab. It has 124 pieces including Tom’s mother Olivia, lab staff and dragon Terrible Terror.

The Icaris lab can be entered through two swinging doors. The research section houses analytical equipment, computers and a projection table for examining rock samples and evaluating drone images.

In the roof area of the station is the drone landing pad. The large drone can be controlled from here.

Finally, a foot clamp is integrated in the center of the top of the drone so that a figure can fly along standing up. Also includes a working cannon.

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Dragons and Figures

In addition to Icaris lab, there are serveral different dragon playsets with figures. Your child will want to collect their favorite whether that’s Feathers & Alex, Thunder & Tom, Plowhorn & D’Angelo, or Wu & Wei with Jun.

If your child wants to get started with the Playmobil dragons series, I’d recommend Icarus Lab and their favorite dragon. 

Icaris Quad

Of course, the Playmobil Dragons playsets wouldn’t be complete without Icarus Quad. This includes Phil and the dragon Terrible Terror. 

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My thoughts

I absolutely love the new Playmobil Dragons The Nine Realms playsets! They are incredibly well-made, with intricate details that bring the magical world of dragons to life. I was so impressed by how much detail has gone into creating these sets.

Not only do they look amazing, but they’re also lots of fun to play with. Your kids will have hours of imaginative play adventures as they explore this exciting new world. 

First, I recommend you get the main Icarus Lab. Then, you can add on the dragons and characters. Finally, get the Quad once you have the others.

Where can I buy Playmobil Dragons The Nine Realms?

So, you can find all of these playsets on Amazon. You can also look for them at your favorite toy store. 

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