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Check out these fun puppy party ideas and learn more about JoJo Siwa Sweet Celebrations available on DVD right now. Fans of JoJo Siwa may have seen The JoJo & BowBow Show Show which follows the adventures of JoJo and her dog. Learn more below.

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How do you throw a puppy birthday party? Check out these fun puppy party ideas and get a pupcake recipe for your pet to enjoy.

JoJo Siwa Sweet Celebrations

Nickelodeon star and social phenomenon, JoJo Siwa, celebrates her dream-worthy birthday with a one-of-a-kind celebration. In the new DVD, JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations available September 17, 2019, JoJo embarks on the most epic 24 hours of her life filled with special guests and big surprises leading up to a birthday party she’ll never forget.

The DVD also includes six episodes from JoJo’s animated YouTube series “The JoJo & BowBow Show Show,” which follows the adventures of JoJo and her dog BowBow. So, I’m sure you can find lots of puppy party ideas on this new DVD!

JoJo Siwa DVD

JoJo Siwa: Sweet Celebrations episodes:

JoJo’s Dream Birthday!
The JoJo & BowBow Show Show
BowBow Steals the Spotlight?!
JoJo’s CRAZIEST Flight Ever
BowBow’s SECRET Fashion Show
JoJo Makes BowBow’s DIY Dreams Come True
BowBow vs. Beans: Battle of the Dog Bosses
BowBow’s SECRET Hideout

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Puppy Party Ideas

So, if you have a puppy (or dog or even a cat) like JoJo does, why not throw them a puppy party! Or, if you don’t have a pet of your own, you can always pretend with your favorite stuffed animals.

How do you throw a puppy birthday party?

Of course, the big question is whether or not you’ll be inviting other animals to the party. Be sure that your puppy is socialized if you expect to be able to bring unfamiliar dogs into their home. If not, it might be a better idea to invite human friends and family to the party. So, here are a few puppy party ideas you might want to consider.

How do you throw a puppy birthday party? Check out these fun puppy party ideas and get a pupcake recipe for your pet to enjoy.

Make a pupcake

Dogs can’t eat many of the foods that people eat for their birthdays. So, it’s important that you make your dog a treat that they can eat. The Peanut Butter Pupcakes from Crazy for Crust are a delicious treat that is safe for your dog or puppy to enjoy. Get the recipe here.

How fancy you make your dog party really depends on what you want. You can go all out with puppy birthday party invitations, dog-themed party games, and dog-themed party decorations.

But, you can still have a real puppy birthday party with just a few simple homemade treats. Your puppy will love their special day no matter what.

balloons on display in the front yard

Things to avoid at your puppy party

Remember that this party is for your puppy. And, while it’s a great idea to give them a party, dogs aren’t people and there are a few things you will want to avoid. So, check out these puppy party ideas!

  • Chocolate and xylitol. Dogs cannot have chocolate or xylitol and you might find these in common party foods. It’s very important that you read the ingredients so you know they’re safe for your dog to eat.
  • Loud noises. Balloons popping and loud noises can startle your puppy or cause your dog to act aggressively. Try to keep your party low key so that your puppy doesn’t get frightened or stressed. Instead, try displaying the balloons outside.
  • Small pieces they can choke on. If you want to give out party bags at your dog party, be sure that the bags don’t contain anything your dog could choke on. One of my favorite puppy party ideas is to give other dogs chewable dog toys or bully sticks. For human gifts, consider a dog coloring book and a package of crayons.

How do you throw a puppy birthday party? Check out these fun puppy party ideas and get a pupcake recipe for your pet to enjoy. #puppy #puppyparty #dogparty #dogs

The BowBow Show

Of course, you’ll want to pick up a copy of JoJo Siwa Sweet Celebrations on DVD so you can all watch her Dream Birthday Special and The JoJo and BowBow Show Show! While your puppy may not sit still to watch it, I guarantee everyone else at the party will love it. She has loads of fun including go-karting, baking, and indoor skydiving. And, you will definitely want to watch the six digital shorts staring BowBow for a few more puppy party ideas. This is the first time these are available on DVD. So, buy it today!

Finally, if you’re a fan of JoJo Siwa, you might want to check out JoJo Siwa My World First Concert. Or, check out these cute Paw Print Snacks for a human treat.

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