Scrappy the Dog by Ronald and Juanita Destra

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There is just something so heartwarming about a dog story. They do, after all, say that dogs are man’s best friend. I’ve definitely found that to be true over my lifetime and that’s probably why I love dogs so much even today. 

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Scrappy the Dog by Ronald and Juanita DestraScrappy the Dog by Ronald and Juanita Destra

This children book tells the story of a sweet little pup, Scrappy who ventures out into the world as he is tired of the mistreatment and lack of care he had experienced in his home. The story details his adventures and experiences in the outside world.

Like any dog, Scrappy is inquisitive and excited about the new experiences in his life. He explores new territory and tries to move as far away from his home of neglect as fast as possible. Though he feels scared and confused, Scrappy has no other option but to go forward. He meets new people, some are cruel to him and others love him like nobody has ever loved him.

The story of Scrappy shows us how life can change quickly and unexpectedly. It teaches children that life can be sad and happy at different points, but that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It also touches on issues like bullying and peer-pressure.

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My thoughts:

Scrappy the Dog by Ronald and Juanita Destra is a picture book about a little dog named Scrappy who goes out in search of a better home. He is eager to learn and try new things even though many of the experiences are new to him. He knows that he has to overcome these things to find a better life. Parts of his life are happy and parts are unhappy but he always has hope.

Teaching children that life can be both happy and sad isn’t easy. Many times, kids focus on just the way they’re feeling right now and forget that there may have been good times in the past and that there will be good times in the future.

Scrappy the Dog is also a great conversation starter around the topic of animal cruelty and how to care for our pets. The story also touches on bullying and can serve as an opportunity to discuss how to treat our friends.

Definitely a great book with several important lessons to teach. Buy it today.

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