Puzzle: 3D Coin Art American Flag

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My father loves collecting coins and has for years. I remember as a child, I used to sit down and flip through his coin books to see all of the different styles of coins he had. If you have a coin collector in your life, they will love this new type of puzzle: 3D Coin Art American Flag. 

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Puzzle: 3D Coin Art American Flag

Puzzle: 3D Coin Art American Flag

Many people who collect coins store them in books and then put the books in boxes in a closet somewhere. No one has the chance to admire them when they’re packed away out of site. With the 3D Coin Art puzzle, you and your family will be able to enjoy putting the coin art puzzle together, and then place it on display for everyone to admire. Once it’s completed, it’s stylish enough to display in your living room or family room for friends and family to see.

The United States Flag 3D Puzzle includes 1 coin tray, 1 coin lid, 1 stand, 2 brackets, 3 stickers, 2 coin counters, and instructions. The puzzle holds 778 different coins (not included). The “stars” are dimes and the “stripes” are pennies and nickels. You collect your coins in the special coin counter trays until you have enough to put the puzzle together. Then you add the coins to the coin tray in the proper direction to form the flag.

Not only is the 3D Coin Art American Flag a great way to display your coins, but it’s also a fun family activity to encourage savings. You can have the kids collect their change (rather than spend it) and then have everyone work together to create the flag puzzle. 3D Coin Art also has an Empire State Building 3D Coin Puzzle available!

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  1. this is SO COOL!! my son loves money- for obvious reasons, but he’s also into learning about the history part of money, especially coins, and has the state quarters collected as well as the national parks. he would think this to be SO COOL!!

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