Shadow of an Angel by Mignon F Ballard

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Shadow of an Angel by Mignon F BallardShadow of an Angel
Augusta Goodnight Mystery
Author: Mignon F Ballard
ISBN: 0-425-18948-1
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Release: April 10, 2002
Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime Mystery
240 pages

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After the sudden death of her husband, Minda Hobbs returns to Angel Heights, S.C., the home of her forebears, to seek peace and purpose in her life. Instead, she finds her n’er-do-well cousin Otto as cold and stiff as yesterday’s grits in the ladies’ room at the historic Minerva Academy.

Shocked by her cousin’s murder and still grieving over the loss of her husband, Minda has mixed emotions when she’s greeted by her guardian angel, Augusta Goodnight. Shimmering with church window radiance, and smelling of strawberry jam, Augusta is a temp who’s come on a double mission-to help Minda solve Otto’s murder and to take care of unfinished business from an assignment in 1916.

Even though Otto could be unbearable at times, an annoying laugh is hardly cause for murder. Minda’s only lead is a tiny gold pin, found wedged in a Minerva Academy bathroom stall, and its connection to a club called the Mystic Six. Together, Minda and Augusta trace the descendents of this secret society, piecing together clues that lead to a special quilt and the mystery behind Cousin Otto’s unfortunate demise.

Shadow of an Angel by Mignon F Ballard

After Minda’s husband dies, she returns home to put her life in order. Almost immediately, she finds her cousin Otto dead in the ladies room. Wedged behind the bathroom stall, she finds a little pin with an emblem that she’s sure she has seen before. Thinking it might help her figure out who murdered her cousin, she slips it in her pocket. After a bit of research she learns that the pin was worn by members of a special club years ago called the Mystic Six.

One of the members of the Mystic Six is thought to have committed suicide while at the academy. The remaining members made a quilt with the same symbol that is passed around from person to person. Now there are only two members of the Mystic Six left alive and Minda needs to find out what the connection is between Otto’s murder and the Mystic Six if there is one. To add to the mystery, Minda’s guardian angel is helping by providing clues and information on what happened years ago to guide Minda in the right direction. Now, it looks like someone doesn’t want Minda to find out the real truth.

Shadow of an Angel is a mystery with a bit of a twist. It has the added bonus of a years old scandal and a guardian angel that makes the story even more interesting. I love old quilts so the fact that the mystery revolved around an old quilt made it the perfect story. Shadow of an Angel is fun to read and it kept me guessing throughout. I got this paperback book from my Mom but you can get the book on Kindle from Amazon and start reading it today.

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