Tainted by Hate by Patrice M Foster

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Yesterday, I had the chance to review Broken Teen Scars by Patrice Foster.  Today, I’m sharing some information about two other books shoe wrote. Both books are part of the same series and deal with similar topics. You can read the original review of Broken Teen Scars to see my thoughts about that book and Left Across the Border to see that review. Tainted by HateThank you to the author for sponsoring this post and providing a copy for review.

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Tainted by Hate

Forbidden friendship takes guts to continue. Especially in a world where generational breakdown and parental aggrieved still continue. Add depression it can make life at home a strain for teenagers. For this teen adult life at home dictate how she should behave. Until one teen take the painful step to change. Either loose the only friendship or go against the only love.

My thoughts:

Angela and Jessica are friends but Angela’s father doesn’t want them to be because Jessica is African American and Angela is white. Jessica’s father doesn’t want them to be friends because Angela’s father is racist. Angela’s father is abusive to his mother and to Angela and Angela turns to drugs and cutting in order to deal with the abusive situation at home. Jessica knows that the pills Angela takes aren’t for her migraines and that the cuts on her wrist weren’t an accident. Jessica decides to help Angela despite their parents and to help her change.

Tainted by Hate is book #3 in the series and is a book that focuses on friendship and racism. If your teen is struggling to handle racism or you simply want to help them understand an issue that’s all too common in today’s world, Tainted by Hate is a wonderful way to begin a conversation with them.

If you’re struggling to deal with these topics with your teens, I really feel that these books are a good place to start.