The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells

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The League and the Lantern by Brian WellsReading young adult books is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love losing myself for a few hours in a good adventure story. In most cases, the plots are much more enjoyable without much of the complicated nonsense that comes with adult books. They are good clean fun that is entertaining and engaging. 

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The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells

When choosing a young adult book for your child, it’s important to really look at the themes. Some young adult series include questionable topics that may not be appropriate for the age group they’re marketed toward. I was very happy to see that The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells is not only a great read, but it builds on positive role models.

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About the book

After a disastrous sixth grade, Jake Herndon is anxiously awaiting his Big Do-Over, starting with his new school’s notorious seventh-grade sleepover. Awkward team-building games and forced fun quickly become the least of his problems. A dangerous organization invades and the night takes a shocking turn.

Jake and two new classmates, Lucy and TJ, barely escape, only to find themselves in a fight for survival on the streets of Chicago. Over the next 48 hours, they unravel a mystery dating back to the Civil War and an incredible secret about Jake s family.

Full of unforgettable characters and unexpected twists, The League and the Lantern is a jaw-dropping ride of mind-bending revelations and laugh-out-loud humor. If Jake and his new friends can make it through this weekend, they just might have a shot at seventh grade.

My reviuew

The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells is a great adventure that will keep your child (or you ) completely hooked through the end. But, this story is more than a fun read. It’s both educational and provides a positive influence.

Mixed into the story are 140 top vocabulary words that middle schoolers need to be successful. But, they’re woven so perfectly into the story that your teen won’t notice they’re learning while they’re reading.

Jake is sort of a misfit. He hopes for a fresh start when he enrolls in a prestigious middle school. At their getting to know each other museum event, they end up being in the middle of a robbery.

Now the kids find themselves as the target of a secret group called the Dark Lantern society that wants to take over the whole world. Jake and his two friends try to find Jake’s Uncle Gabe to get his help. But, things just aren’t turning out the way they should be. And, Jake starts worrying that things aren’t what they seem to be. Despite what everyone else thinks, he refuses to think bad about his Uncle Gabe and tries to solve the mystery to prove it.

The League and the Lantern is a very real look at what middle school is like with an exciting adventure woven into the story. I found it very easy to identify with the characters. And, the story was fast-paced enough to keep me reading.

Finally, the story is intended for children ages 9-14 so there is some mild violence included in the story. However, there is nothing at all that I found objectionable or worrisome for younger kids. This is a story that boys and girls will both enjoy.

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20 thoughts on “The League and the Lantern by Brian Wells

  1. I love the fact that the main character is entering 7th grade- that seems to be a perfectly identifiable connector to those who might be drawn to read it. I also love a book with a good sense of humor, so this really could be a fun read. I learned a copy is donated to a child in need for every copy purchased.

  2. I love how the main character is a 7th grader. My daughter enters middle school this fall. She would love to read this book. When visiting the website I noticed how they will donate a book to a child in need for every book purchased. That’s awesome!

  3. Looks like a story that our teens would be interested in. I’m very impressed that they are doing so much to get this book into the hands of kids who are in need. I wish all young adult publishers and authors would do this!

  4. I learned that for right now if a book is purchased, another book is donated to a child in need. How neat is that?

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