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Finding games for teens can be a challenge. Long gone are the days where they were happy with the old family favorites.  I still enjoy playing games with the kids but it’s a lot harder to find games for teens that they’re interested in playing. I recently received Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults which is a game that’s designed to help families communicate more effectively.  It’s not only a board game but a way that families can connect and learn with each others.

Games for Teens | Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults

Games for Teens | Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults

Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults is a board game that teaches decision making skills that are based on honestly, loyalty and commitment. The game is designed to teach the concept of reaping what you sow or you get what you give. You can play the game with two to eight people and the recommended ages are ages 13 to adult.

Games for Teens | Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults

Before playing, each person chooses a Prinicple Card. Different principles include things like trust, honestly, patience, courage, loyalty, love, service and work. You start the game at start and roll the die to move. You move your piece forward the number of spaces indicated on the die.

Each place on the game board has directions on it for either a good choice (spent time listening to your grandparents) or a bad choice (forgot your wedding anniversary). For a good choice, you get an Abundant Harvest Reward. For a bad choice, you get a Poor Harvest Reward Card. For poor decisions that are not quite so major (like using the express lane with too many items) you get a  Modest Harvest Reward Card. Cards are worth varying points.

Games for Teens | Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults

According to the color of the space you land on, you will choose a Scenario Card and read the scenario aloud.  Using the principle you chose, you have 30 seconds to use at least one principle to respond to the scenario and present your decision to the group.  Questions vary from those that might be appropriate for a teenager to those that are more likely to happen to an adult. A few examples are:

  • You are a 16 year old high school junior, and you just found out that you are two months pregnant. What would you do?
  • Your 14 year old daughter comes to you and says she is tired of you working so many hours and would like you to spend more time with the family. What would you do?

After this, the group has Advice Time where the other players critique the response and lend advice. Game play them passes to the next person and continues to the end of the game. The person with the highest score based on points wins.

Games for Teens | Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults

Abundant Harvest for Teens & Adults is a great way to get your kids – or even your spouse – communicating with you. It encourages people to use principles like trust, loyalty and commitment as they make decisions not only in the game but hopefully in real life situations as well.

One of my readers will win their own game.

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  1. I never know what to get teens and usually get them something educational, which they probably don’t always appreciate. I fun game like this is also educational and a great teen gift.

  2. I would love to win because I’m always looking for something new and different for our family to try. Family night is really important to me and this looks like it would be fun.

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