The Menu Starring Ralph Fiennes

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The Menu starring Ralph Fiennes is now available on Blu-ray and digital copy! Learn more about the new thriller and where you can watch it.

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The Menu Starring Ralph Fiennes

I’ve been watching commercials for this movie for a few months now and have been eagerly looking forward to the day I could watch it. I originally saw a discussion about The Menu when it was mentioned as one of the films that is part of the new “get even with the rich” movement. 

The theme of vilifying the rich isn’t one that’s new. Think about shows like Billions, Arrested Development, and The White Lotus. 

The horror film, The Menu, takes this theme to an all new level.

What is The Menu?

A young couple (Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) travels to an exclusive island restaurant where the chef (Ralph Fiennes) has prepared a pricey, lavish menu.

But it soon becomes clear that the dinner guests are about to be served some shocking surprises in this dark comedy written by Seth Reiss & Will Tracy, and directed by Mark Mylod.

Who stars in The Menu

  • Ralph Fiennes
  • Anya Taylor Joy
  • Nicholas Hoult
  • Janet McTeer

Will The Menu be on Netflix?

No, at least not how. You cannot watch this on Netflix.

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Where can I watch The Menu?

Bonus Features*

  • Featurettes: Open Kitchen: A Look Inside The Menu – Feast on the special ingredients of The Menu to see how director Mark Mylod and his formidable cast, the biting script and renowned chef consultants concocted the perfect recipe to bring authenticity and dark humor to the film’s high-end culinary world.
  • First Course: Take a seat at the table as director Mark Mylod delves into some of the key ingredients that went into crafting The Menu. Meet the renowned chefs and food stylists who brought their culinary expertise to the set.
  • Second Course: Savor the world-building of Hawthorn, from kitchen “boot camp,” to the meticulous details of the production design. Hear from the cast and writers about the director’s naturalistic approach to capturing the nuances of the performances.
  • Dessert: Dig into the creation of the s’mores sequence as costume designer Amy Westcott explains the painstaking process of sewing ponchos made of actual marshmallows. The cast discusses chocolate hats and the absurd predicament of their characters.
  • Deleted Scenes: And for a mignardise, enjoy three deleted scenes.

*Bonus features vary by product and retailer

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About The Menu

The movie opens with guests on the beach waiting to board a boat. You can immediately tell they’re rich by their attitude and their behavior. After boarding the boat, they’re taken to an island to enjoy a special meal that costs so much that only the very well off can afford it.

On checking in, we learn that Margot (Anya Taylor Joy) is a last minute substitution for a guest that could not attend. She seems slightly out of place among the very rich and conceited guests.

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous from the beach to the grounds around the restaurant. The guests are given a tour around the island to learn more about where the food they’ll be eating comes from. 

Throughout the tour and the impressive meal, I got the feel that a majority of the guests weren’t impressed. They made sarcastic comments, said things that weren’t overly flattering, or otherwise didn’t really appreciate the attention and money spent on their time there. You also learned that overall, these weren’t really very “nice” people.

After being taken into the stunning restaurant, you meet the chef, sous chefs, and waitstaff. They seem to have a cult like adoration of The Chef (Ralph Fiennes).

My thoughts

There are no spoilers in this review. So, suffice it to say that throughout the meal, you learn more about each guest and the chef chose them. And, the guests start to understand that they won’t be leaving there alive.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie. I love the location, the scenery, the way the chef prepared the meal, and the underlying lesson that the movie tries to teach. Most of all, I really love the ending that, to me, proves that there is still some remaining humanity left in us all.

Finally, get the The Menu on Blu-ray and digital download and watch it today.

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