The Sermon Series: Hyman Appelman by Mark Howard

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I’ve just recently gotten into listening to books rather than reading them. I found out that my Amazon Echo can read me a book which is fantastic. I can work or exercise or relax and listen to the book instead of reading it. I have always found sermons to be inspiring and listening to them is a great way to get the full experience.  Thank you to the author for sponsoring this post and providing a copy for review.

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The Sermon Series: Hyman Appelman by Mark HowardThe Sermon Series: Hyman Appelman by Mark Howard

The Sermon Series is a collection of sermons of pastors and evangelist from the revivals that took place around the globe. Hyman Appelman was born in 1902 to Russian Orthodox parents and later converted to Christianity when he discovered Jesus Christ. He was baptized and eventually became a Southern Baptist. This was the beginning of his journey, and he eventually became known as the father of mass evangelism.

My thoughts:

I was raised as a Baptist until I was 17 and am now a Fundamentalist, so these sermons hit home for me.  There are eight chapters in this book for an hour and thirty-eight minutes listening time if you choose to listen to it via If you want to read the book, there are 74 pages. There is a brief introduction where you learn more about Hyman Appelman’s life and then a collection of sermons that are read by a narrator.

When listening to the sermons, I found them very similar to those I hear in church. They were a collection of readings from the Bible and stories to help listeners apply these lessons to their lives. I’m not ashamed to say that in several of these sermons I found tears in my eyes the same way I do when I’m at Church. I found myself nodding and saying “Amen” more times than I could count. I especially loved the sermon where he discusses the end of the world and reminds us what the Bible says about how the world will end rather than being caught up in what we hear in the news.

If you enjoy listening to sermons for inspiration and motivation, or when you cannot make it to Church, The Sermon Series: Hyman Appelman is a fantastic way to be inspired at home.

You can listen to it now on Audible, or you can purchase the Kindle or Paperback versions if you prefer. Sign up for a 30 day trial of Audible to listen to it free.

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  1. I bet I’d love listening to these sermons. I was raised Lutheran and now listen to the teachings of a Baptist preacher mostly (Charles Stanley), read his devotions daily and many of his books, but still consider myself Lutheran, as my family is. That Amazon Echo does sound cool! I still use my CD players and have tons of mostly Joyce Meyer CDs I listen to. Can’t part with my CDs and DVDs!

  2. I enjoy listening to sermons. It helps me to not focus on my problems and to take in a positive message instead. I often over analyze instead of leaving my problem in God’s hands. I would love to get an Amazon Echo. I’ve hear so many good things about it. I also would like to have a series like this to listen to as I walk.

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