How to Create a Themed Bedroom for Your Child

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Have you always wanted a themed bedroom? If you have always dreamed of having a princess themed bedroom or a farm animal bedroom for your child, keep reading. 

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Themed Bedroom

An older child might enjoy a retro themed bedroom. Whether your child is in love with airplanes or dinosaurs, I have a few fun interior design ideas that will let you create a room your child will fall in love with.

Creating a themed bedroom is a simple way to tailor your child’s room to their interests. You can create a personalized bedroom by focusing on the room’s accessories if you’d like to change the theme easily in the future.

Or, you can go all out and create a mural on the wall and invest in furniture that matches the theme.

Bedroom Accessories

You can purchase bedroom accessories like kids table lamps, rugs, clocks, paintings, and humidifiers in many different shapes and designs to match your theme.

Consider adding curtains that feature characters or colors that go along with your theme. Plus, a few stuffed animals can provide the perfect finishing touch.

small white toy train

Themed Bedding

Now, one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of your child’s room is by purchasing new sheets, blankets, and comforters. You can add in themed pillows or use a pillow sham to cover your existing pillows.

Depending on the theme you’re trying to recreate, you may want to add a canopy to the bed.

Wall Stickers

If painting a mural seems a bit outside of your comfort zone, you can easily add fun and whimsy to your child’s room by using wall stickers.

There are many wall stickers to choose from, ranging in sizes from a few inches to several feet. Or, you can use several stickers to create a design in one room area.

teddy bear on a bed

Decorative Storage

Children’s rooms should be fun and functional. You will want to add a toy box or bookcase for your child to store their favorite books. Using shelves to organize a bedroom will work as well.

And you can tie this into your themed room by painting it matching colors. Or you can apply small stickers or decals to it.

There are many different bedroom ideas for both children and adults. The sky is the limit when creating a special place your child will fall in love with. What type of room would your child fall in love with?

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