Valentine Cupcakes for Kids

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Looking for Valentine cupcakes for kids? There are so many fun things you can bake for Valentine’s Day that are cupid approved.

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Looking for Valentine cupcakes for kids? There are so many fun things you can bake for Valentine's Day that are cupid approved.

Valentine Cupcakes for Kids

When it comes to Valentine’s Day cupcakes, there are lots of delicious recipes that will work as Valentines Day cupcakes. As long as they are pink and red, they will work wonderfully for this holiday.

Cupcakes with a cherry on top, or cupcakes with strawberry frosting would work nicely for this holiday. You can make chocolate-covered strawberries and place one on each cupcake as well.

This is a wonderful selection of recipes to choose from when you’re looking for Valentines Day cupcakes. If you’re looking for cupcake ideas for a party, make sure that you use a cupcake keeper so that it doesn’t destroy the frosting.

Looking for Valentine cupcakes for kids? There are so many fun things you can bake for Valentine's Day that are cupid approved.

How to make Valentine cut out heart cupcakes

You’ll impress everyone with your baking skills when you make this Valentine’s Day recipe for cupcakes. No one will guess how super easy they are. You will need this cookie cutter.

  • Simply bake your favorite box cake mix following the directions on the box.
  • Fill them at least 3/4 full so that the top bakes up above the liner.
  • Allow the cupcakes to cool completely.
  • Slice off the top of the cupcake.
  • Frosting the bottom half with pink frosting.
  • Using a tiny heart cookie cutter, make a small heart cutout on the top of the cupcake.
  • Place the cupcake top on the bottom.
  • Dust with powdered sugar if desired.

Looking for Valentine cupcakes for kids? There are so many fun things you can bake for Valentine's Day that are cupid approved.

What are red velvet cupcakes?

Red velvet cupcakes are one of the most popular Valentine cupcakes for kids.

These delicious cupcakes feature a moist cupcake that is dyed red and topped with yummy red cream cheese frosting.

Red velvet cake is one of my all-time favorite cakes, and it’s really easy to turn this recipe into some amazing-looking Valentine’s Day cupcakes. If you have a child that is gluten intolerant, try these gluten-free red velvet cupcakes.

Or, these Red Velvet Cupcakes with Truffle Centers are a truly decadent treat.

paper cupcake liners of different colors

Valentine’s Cupcakes Supplies

Decorating is half the fun so be sure to check out the baking section for hearts, sprinkles, colored sugar, and more.

  • Cupcake liners
  • Pink and red sprinkles
  • Icing or frosting (homemade or store-bought)
  • Conversation hearts
  • Heart-shaped chocolate pieces
  • Red and pink M&Ms
  • Pink and white marshmallows

Chocolate Valentine cupcakes for kids

Best frosting for Valentine’s Day

Any frosting you choose to use for these Valentine’s day cupcakes is going to work just fine, but if you have time to make your own icing then that will be the best. There are lots of easy recipes out there for this holiday.

Here are a few ideas for the frosting for cupcakes:

  • Cream cheese frosting goes well with Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Fresh strawberry frosting
  • Fluffy frosting
  • Citrus flavor frosting
  • White frosting (add sprinkles for color)
  • Caramel for a decadent treat
  • Pink frosting (naturally colored or with food dye)
  • Butter cream

Chocolate cupcakes

Who can resist chocolate cupcakes? You can make devil’s food cupcakes or make chocolate cupcakes using a boxed cake mix. 

Don’t feel like you need to make these Valentine’s Day cupcakes from scratch. A box mix works just fine if you are short on time.

Pink and red cupcake ideas

Strawberry cupcakes are naturally pink so you won’t need to add any food dye if you choose this option. Kids love the flavor and you won’t need to worry about adding artificial colors. These vegan strawberry cupcakes are packed with real strawberries.

These strawberries and cream cupcakes are homemade and topped with a fresh strawberry. This is ideal for those trying to avoid using candy to decorate their cupcakes.

If you want to make cupcakes that are a darker red, you can use natural food dyes. Or, start with a red velvet cake mix.

Cherry extract will also give these Valentine’s Day cupcakes a juicy, fresh flavor that everyone loves.

strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles

How to decorate Valentine’s Day cupcakes?

This is the best part of making your own Valentine’s Day cupcakes. You can use any kind of decoration that you like or that fits with the theme that you are using for your cupcake decorations.

Why not try these Valentine Heart Cupcakes to make your little mini cakes in the shape of a heart.

Here are some ideas for decorating Valentine’s Day cupcakes:

Cupcake liners or card stock in red and pink colors to decorate your Valentine cupcakes for kids.

Find heart cut-outs of different sizes on the Internet and print them out. You can also use heart-shaped cookie cutters to make your own cupcake decorations.

Glue or tape the hearts in place on top of the cupcake liners in different patterns.

You can also use icing in red and pink colors to write messages like “Be mine” or “I love you”. Use edible ink pens for messages that need to last through multiple tasty cupcake servings.

Googly eyes are also fun for these Valentine’s Day cupcakes. You can draw faces on the conversation hearts with edible markers if you don’t have edible googly eyes.

You can also make these cupcakes even more festive by adding conversation hearts. These little candies are a great addition to Valentine’s Day cupcakes and they make a great quick snack as well.

Use your imagination to create fun, sweet treats for kids on this special holiday that also express how you feel about your kids. 

You can also decorate the top of the cakes with bakers’ white chocolate and drizzle red or pink glaze over it to make it look like a heart. Then just add sprinkles.

Or, why not make a cupcake bouquet? It’s an easy way to display your treats and it looks so unique.

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