Fun Things to Do With Rubber Bands

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Does it seem like the kids are less and less entertained by toys and games? I remember being able to occupy myself with simple things when I was younger. If you do too, why not check out this list of fun things to do with rubber bands.

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Fun Things to Do With Rubber Bands


Fun Things to Do With Rubber Bands

So, there are lots of fun things to do with rubber bands. Do you remember making slingshots? Balls? Playing “football”?

We could entertain ourselves for hours with just a handful of them and a few other commonly found items from home. Did you know an elastic band used to be called a lacky band back in the 1950s?

Have you seen the broken rubber band trick on Tik Tok? Check it out if you haven’t.

What can I do with a lot of rubber bands?

First, it will be helpful to have a LOT of these – like a giant bag – for some of these tricks and games. You can get half a pound of them right here. That will give you a good start for most of these projects. Here are just a few fun things to do with rubber bands.

a rubber band ball

How to make a rubber band ball

Do you remember making a ball out of these when you were younger? That was definitely one of my favorite fun things to do with rubber bands. You simply start with ten small bands. You wad them up in a ball and then begin wrapping the bands around the outside. Be sure to keep it even and shaped like a ball. Keep going until you run out of elastic bands.

Craft rubber bands are perfect for a small ball. Get them here.

If you enjoy these types of projects with your kids, I really recommend Brickloot. The kids have a blast with this!

Rubber band gun

If you want to make a rubber band gun, it’s not difficult at all. First, be sure the kids understand that we don’t randomly shoot people with things. These can hurt. Give them a target on the wall or a tree to aim for. Not people or animals.

So, there are lots of really complicated elastic band guns on YouTube that require wood and cutting. But, if you want something easy and fun that the kids can do on their own, check out this video.

Fine motor skills activities with rubber bands

If your children are too young to make some of these fun things to do with rubber bands, don’t worry, there’s a fun fine motor skill activity they can do. First, you will need a lot of elastic bands and an empty soda bottle or can of vegetables.

Simply allow them to put the bands around the can or bottle. See how many they can get done while improving their fine motor skills.

What else can I do?

So, I was seriously wowed when I started looking for rubber band tricks I could do. There are far more than I can list in this post ranging from magic tricks to making your own wrapping paper. You can even wrap them around a rolling pin and make designs on your cookies.

Honestly, the kids can keep themselves entertained for hours with just a handful of these and a few helpful suggestions. 

Fun Things to Do With Rubber Bands

So, if you want to get started, check out this book that has far more ideas than what I shared here. Or, if you want the little tiny bands for making jewelry, you can get them here. And, watch this video for a few “magic” tricks you and the kids can do.

Of course, there are many other uses besides playing. Have you seen these board game rubber bands that keep your boxes sealed? Check them out here. They even make giant elastic bands to wrap around your outdoor gear. Buy them here.

How rubber bands are made

Most rubber bands are made using natural rubber from a rubber tree. You need to tap into the tree’s bark to extract the latex. Machines work to break down the latex so that it is smooth. Then, it is mixed and shaped to create the band.

Finally, you will need to add dye if you want the brightly colored bands you see in the store.

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