Animal Coloring Book for Adults

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I love this fun new animal coloring book for adults. I love coloring animals from fish to birds to jungle animals. It’s the type of coloring book that everyone in the family can enjoy. Now, my son and his fiance were looking for a coloring book they could share, and I knew this one would work. 

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Animal Coloring Book for Adults by Nathaniel Wake

Animal Coloring Book for Adults

Soar through the air, run the pride lands, and take flight on the wings of the Earth’s most agile predators as you color your way around the globe. From the swamps to the sea to the sky, you’ll explore all the beautiful places where nature’s animals call home.

With 50 brand-new, carefully-crafted, glossy images, you can enjoy hours of adult coloring fun while you bring these majestic creatures to life.

Animal Coloring Book for Adults by Nathaniel Wake

Relaxing, challenging, and proven to promote mindfulness, coloring and creating these complex designs is a great way to unwind while also enjoying nature’s beauty.

Great for beginners or for color-experts looking for a stunning and realistic challenge. All the excitement of the Animal Kingdom jumps off the page in this brilliantly designed animals from Nathaniel Wake. Start exploring the animal kingdom today!

Animal Coloring Book for Adults by Nathaniel Wake

My thoughts:

Now, my first thought was “Wow, this is a big coloring book!” I couldn’t believe how many different designs there were to color.

There are 50 different original designs. And, they are printed on black-backed pages to prevent bleed-through.

Plus, this is such a huge benefit for those of us who enjoy coloring with gel pens or markers.

Animal Coloring Book for Adults by Nathaniel Wake

No matter what your animal, there is something in this book to enjoy. The author included fish, birds, lizards, and animals.

The Flamingo is one of my favorite designs in this book, but my son really enjoyed the Komodo dragon. And, the quality of these designs is really amazing and it requires attention to detail so it’s perfect for adults.

Animal Coloring Book for Adults by Nathaniel Wake

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  1. I am even more excited to get some new adult coloring books since I’ve found some great Back to School deals on pretty new markers. There’s just something about getting new school supplies, even if you’re not going back to school. I like animal and plant or garden themes so this one is right up my alley.

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