Back to School Technology Charging and More With the Nucleum

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If you are looking for back to school technology charging is probably high on your list of things you need. As the kids get older, their technology needs increase. They have smartphones and laptops as well as fitness technology and gaming accessories. And, everything needs to be charged. A hub is a perfect answer for people with limited outlets or charging ports.

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Back to School Technology Charging and More With the Nucleum

Back to School Technology Charging

There are only so many places in my home to charge technology. And, not all of them are convenient. After exhausting the ones near my desk or my kitchen counter, it’s not uncommon to see a phone on the floor to take advantage of an outlet that’s not being used.

The Kingston Nucleum is more than just a way to charge your technology. It offers 7 different ports and can be used with your laptop or Macbook. That means you can use your digital mouse, your camera, your digital writing pad, and whatever other accessories you need all at once. Here are just a few things that you can do with the Kingston Nucleum.

  • Use the HDMI port to output to a 4K UHD or Full HD 1080p monitor or projector.
  • Get more juice for your iPhone, Bluetooth headphones, and other devices.
  • Want to use all your connected devices at once? No problem, plug everything in and get creating.
  • The convenient size means you can bring the USB-C hub wherever you need it.
  • Shoot, ingest and edit your footage wherever you are using the SD and microSD slots.
  • The Nucleum is designed to complement your new MacBook.
  • No need to carry around multiple dongles to connect your devices.
  • With the built-in cable, you can be sure you always have a connection handy.

Back to School Technology Charging and More With the Nucleum

My thoughts:

This really is a great way to get more out of your technology. It will work with any Chromebook, PC or laptop that supports USB-C technology. It supports power pass through and data transfer. Having extra USB hubs when I need them is a huge help when I travel or am on the go. It’s also very compact so I can simply toss it in my laptop bag or my carryon with no problems. There is also a USB-A connection on each side and an SD card slot.

The Kingston Nucleum is a perfect choice for those that rely heavily on technology whether that’s the back to school technology needs of your high school or college student or your own needs as a small business owner.

If you’re looking for back to school technology charging, now is the perfect time to shop for the Nucleum because Kingston is offering a price drop starting today for back to school. Find out more and buy it now.

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