myFirst Camera Insta 2 Kids Instant Print Camera

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Have you heard about the myFirst Camera Insta 2? Learn why I think it really is the best kids’ instant print out there. If you’ve been looking for a camera for kids with a selfie lens, you’re going to love this!

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myFirst Camera Insta 2 Kids Instant Print Camera

myFirst Camera Insta 2

So, the myFirst Camera Insta 2 is an instant print camera with an extra selfie lens. It can take photos and videos. It’s a dual-lens 12MP camera that is perfect for kids. 

Why does my child need a camera?

Having their own camera will encourage your child to explore a new hobby. They may decide that they want to be a photographer or videographer when they get older. Or, they may decide that they love photographing flowers or friends or sites around the neighborhood.

myFirst camera specifications

So, if you like all that technical stuff, this is what you’re getting when you get this camera.

  • 2.4″ IPS color screen
  • Photographs & videos
  • Photo resolution: 12MP/8MP/5MP
  • Video resolution: 920*1080 / 30fps
  • Battery capacity: 1500mAH
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Storage Memory card up to 32GB
  • Camera weight: *.2 oz / 232 g
  • Includes 3 rolls of high-quality thermal paper
  • Neck lanyard included

myFirst Camera Insta 2 Kids Instant Print Camera

What makes the myFirst Camera Insta 2 stand out?

OK so if you’re wondering why you need this camera instead of another one, let me explain. 

This camera uses thermal printing. That means that your child doesn’t need to wait for the photo to develop as the paper dries. And, they don’t need to shake it. Within 10 seconds, your child has their photo.

Because it uses thermal paper to print on, there is no ink. That means you don’t need to buy ink and your child won’t run out of ink just when they want to print out that amazing photo they took. 

As if that isn’t enough, the myFirst Camera Insta 2 also gives your child the ability to put frames on their photos. There are several different pre-loaded styles and the frame of their choice print out on their photo. 

a woman and child looking into a children's camera

What kind of paper do I need?

The myFirst Camera Insta 2 uses thermal paper. Each roll of thermal paper includes 80 sheets. That means 80 photos for every roll. AND, included with the camera are 140+ free sheets of thermal paper. So, you don’t need to go out and buy more paper right now. So, in total, you have 240+ sheets when you buy this camera. Plus, there is a thermal sticker roll for even more fun. 

What type of video does it film?

The myFirst Camera has the ability to take 1920×1080 videos, which can be saved to a microSD card (up to 32GB).

What do I get with this camera?

The myFirst Camera Insta 2 includes the camera with a lanyard to make it easy for your child to carry it. It also includes the thermal paper and a thermal sticker roll. You can get the camera in either pink or blue.

girl using a pink and white camera

How does the myFirst Camera work?

It really couldn’t be easier. Your child simply looks in the lens and either takes the photo with the selfie lens (of them looking into the camera) or the traditional lense (of what they are looking at. 

There are controls to take the photo, scroll through the photos, print the photos, etc. 

The camera is easy to hold and stands up to a younger child’s handling of it. The photo comes out of the back of the camera opposite the screen.

There is a microphone on one side of the camera and a slot for the microSD card on the other side of the camera. 

The lanyard attaches to the two top loops. Your child can wear it around their neck for safety and to keep their hands free. 

If you’re looking for the best camera for kids, the myFirst Camera is certainly a fantastic option. It will definitely inspire creativity and imagination. 

Buy it today.

Once the kids have printed out a few photos, why not let them make this fun photo frame. If you’re into technology products, learn more about charging options for back to school.

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