Best board books for babies

Best Board Books for Babies

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The best board books for babies are ones that last a long time and inspire creative play. Board books are often your child’s first introduction to reading and in many cases they will hold onto the books for years. Ready to start your baby on a lifetime journey through books? Begin with these board book favorites.

Best board books for babies

Best Board Books for Babies

There are always new books for children available but I find that many of these books are classics that are much loved every year.  There are so many great board books that it was hard to come up with a short list.  I love books that are interactive so many of these have flaps and other things to entice your child. This list contains affiliate links.

Many of the best board books for babies listed above are available as kindle or hardcover versions if your child is a little bit older.  My very favorite book in this list is probably Fox in Socks although I read it as a hardcover book when I was a little bit older.  Touch and Feel Farm lets your child explore the different textures as you read them the story.  All of the books listed above have gorgeous full color illustrations to capture your child’s attention.

Do you have a favorite board book from your childhood? Or do you have a favorite that you’re reading to your child now?

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  1. Oh, I like the Touch and Feel Farm, especially for kids who have grown up in the city. I was a country girl fortunately, and Amish country to boot.

  2. These were my kids favorites. Now that they are grown I donated them to our church nursery.

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