Best Easter Basket Toys

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Are you looking for Easter inspiration? Here are the top Easter basket toys your children will want to receive this year. 

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Are you looking for Easter inspiration? Here are the top Easter basket toys your children will want to receive this year. 

Best Easter Basket Toys

While chocolate eggs and bunnies are classic Easter basket fare, this year, consider adding fresh, engaging toys that will captivate and entertain your child long after the last chocolate is savored. In this detailed guide, tailored for parents of young kids aged 3-8, we’ll explore a smorgasbord of toy delights that you can tuck into this year’s Easter baskets, taking playful discoveries to the next level.

Easter often heralds the turn of the season, bringing with it a sense of renewal and a splash of vibrant colors – both in nature and in the form of baskets brimming with toys and treats.

Playmobil Horses of Waterfall

Playmobil Toys and Sets

Playmobil is the gold standard in imaginative play. With figures and settings that span from medieval times to outer space, a Playmobil set is more than a toy; it’s a universe waiting to be explored. Many of their toys make perfect Easter gifts.

The Easter Bunny might find it challenging to fit the entire pirate ship or grand mansion into a basket, but a selection of figures or small accessories can easily make it home.

PLAYMOBIL’s Horses of Waterfall- Feeding Time with Ellie & Sawdust: Join Ellie and her horse, Sawdust, as they train for western riding! Yea Haw! With this PLAYMOBIL eco-friendly product line, it consists of, on average, more than 80% sustainable materials! It allows children to embark on exciting horse-riding adventures! Find it here.

Playmobil Color Motor Bike

Creative Play at Its Finest

From budding artists to future architects, fostering creativity from a young age is key. In your Easter toy hunt, look for items that inspire open-ended play. Craft kits, coloring books, and DIY jewelry sets are perfect for igniting that creative spark in your child.

PLAYMOBIL Color & Crayola- Motorbike: PLAYMOBIL is celebrating the comeback of its classic PLAYMOBIL Color series after a 45-year hiatus with five new sets released in collaboration with creativity powerhouse, CRAYOLA.

It’s a colorful world with the Motorbike! Design your motorbike and rider using your own sense of style by using the two included Crayola markers to color the motorbike and rider’s outfit as you wish! When you are ready for a change easily wipe the ink off and start all over again! How cool!!! Find it here.

If you're looking for weighted plush toys for your child, check out these adorable Bumpas plush dolls with weighted arms.

Cuddle Up with the Perfect Plush

Who doesn’t love a cuddly companion? Plush toys are Easter classics for a reason – they’re soft, comforting, and often become fast friends to your little one. Opt for characters from their favorite movies or stories for an added layer of personalization. Check it out.

Who doesn’t love a good comfort hug? Bumpas™ are lovable plush toy friends who you can play and cuddle with. This huggable friend is weighted to provide a sense of comfort and security when you need it most! Bumpas’™ arms are perfectly sized to give realistic-feeling hugs.

Now available in 2 NEW tie-dye colors! The pink tie-dye Bumpas™, Sprinx, and the blue tie-dye Bumpas™, Shloof, are the perfect friends to collect and to get in the spring mood! 

The Original EggMazing Egg Decorator

Toys Galore for Easter Egg Decorating

Easter egg decorating is a tradition filled with joy and creativity. Enhance the experience with egg-decorating toys that offer unique methods and designs. Think stickers, markers specifically for eggs, and even spinner kits to make marbling a breeze.

The Original EggMazing Egg Decorator is the #1 selling toy on Amazon leading up to the holiday, this line of mess-free egg decorators let kids become part of the decorating process instead of just “watching and waiting” for traditional messy dyes to work! This egg-shaped decorator holds and spins hard-boiled eggs while you use the included markers to create stripes, lines and other fun designs! Check it out.

PEEPS® EggMazing Egg Decorator

PEEPS® joins the EggMazing family with the new PEEPS® EggMazing Egg Decorator! Just like the other decorators, this bunny-shaped one holds and spins hard-boiled eggs while you use the included PEEPS® markers to decorate! Available in the iconic PEEPS® Bunny Pink and PEEPS Bunny Yellow! Find it here.

Building a Brighter Future

Encourage STEM skills with building toys that are both fun and educational. Classic bricks, magnetic tiles, and even gears and robots for older kids all make excellent additions to an Easter basket.

Your child can construct and deconstruct to their heart’s content, all the while refining problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills. Check out these Easter basket games.

Are you looking for Easter inspiration? Here are the top Easter basket toys your children will want to receive this year. 

Best Easter Basket Toys for Toddlers

Discovery toys, music toys, and large blocks are all wonderful toys to appeal to a toddlers sense of discover. They help toddlers learn fine motor skills and discover basic STEM skills they can build on later.

BIZYBOO’s Easter Egg Busy Bag Scavenger Hunt are the perfect mess-free, on-the-go, and low-fuss companion! Using both written and visual prompts found on an attached card, children will have a blast prodding and shifting the beads around, seeking out the Easter objects! Not only do they keep little ones engaged, but these bags also foster learning and motor skill development and encourage independence.

Are you looking for Easter inspiration? Here are the top Easter basket toys your children will want to receive this year. 

In a world that sometimes moves too fast, the tradition of creating an Easter basket remains a touchstone of childhood. This year, make your child’s basket not just a collection of Easter basket toys, but a treasure trove of experiences waiting to unfold. Invest in play that stimulates the mind, encourages creativity, and above all, brings joy.

Your child deserves the best, and with thoughtful selections that celebrate the essence of Easter, they will discover the true magic of this special holiday. Check out these Easter basket filler ideas.

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