Brix – Build Up, Line Up and Win!

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There’s just something fun about building blocks. I used to love spending hours on the floor building things with the kids when they were little. Now that they’re older, I don’t have that chance any longer. Brix is a fun new game that has you building a wall with bricks to win. 

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Brix - Build Up, Line Up and Win!

Brix – Build Up, Line Up and Win!

Line up four in a row on a whole new level in this one of a kind strategy game! Each turn, players build up the wall of bricks by adding their pieces to the growing structure. Each brick you place is guaranteed to ALSO contain your opponent’s symbol or color. Each time you add a new piece, you risk giving your opponent an advantage if you don’t plan your move carefully. Will you build your way to victory?

Brix is a uniquely creative game that is fast to learn but employs a complex strategy that older children and adults will love!

Brix will help your child with the following skills:

  • Focus and attention
  • Spatial awareness
  • Problem solving

Brix - Build Up, Line Up and Win!

Like other games from Blue Orange Games, Brix can be played three different ways. This is ideal for families because there is a simple version for younger children and more complicated versions for older children and adults to enjoy. This means that your child can grow with the game as they get older or as their skills improve. The game is intended for children ages 7 and up and can be played by two players. Each game takes approximately 10 minutes to play which means it’s an ideal choice for busy families or kids with shorter attention spans.

This is a great educational game for Christmas! Buy it today.

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