Calico Critters Town Series Designer Studio

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Have you seen the Calico Critters Town Series Designer Studio yet? Keep reading to learn more! I’ve done Calico Critters reviews in the past, so you know I think these toys are just adorable.

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Calico Critters Town Series Designer Studio

Calico Critters Town Series

If you’re not familiar with Calico Critters, they are a line of miniature animals with homes, furniture, and accessories. They are made of flocked material which makes them stand out from traditional plastic play sets.

Calico Critters Town Series Designer Studio

The newest addition to the hugely popular Calico Critters family is the new Town Series. The Calico Critter Town is a sophisticated place where Calico Critters families from Calico Critters Village can come to visit, to shop, dine and enjoy outdoor concerts.

The Designer Studio is a perfect starter set for the Calico Critters Town Series. This elegant room includes a lounge sofa, coffee table, accessories, and Stella Hopscotch Rabbit. Stella is the older sister of Bell Hopscotch Rabbit and she works as a dress designer in Town.

You can also add accessories like the Calico Critters piano and desk set. The Hopscotch Rabbit Family will love it!

Calico Critters Town Series Designer Studio

The Town Series also includes a restaurant, department store, gelato shop, concert sets, new characters, and loads of new accessories. I love that the Calico Critters Town Series has a slightly Victorian feel to it with the pretty long dresses and the decor of the buildings and the furniture.

My thoughts

If your child loves pretend play, the Calico Critters Town Series is a wonderful choice. The flocked animals are adorable and definitely unique. The Calico Critters furniture and buildings are very high quality and quite detailed.

I love that you can buy the characters, clothes, furniture, car, and accessories as sets or individually. That way you can build the town and village the way you want. The Calico Critters boutique is one of the best playsets. 

The Calico Critters Town Designer Studio is intended for children ages 3+. It includes the building, couch, table, plate with food, cup and saucer, a character with clothes, a hat, and a purse.

You can buy other sets to create your own town or you can buy other characters and accessories to expand what you can do with this one. Either way, the Calico Critters Town Series Designer Studio is a fun gift for children who enjoy pretend play.

The Calico Critter Bunny sets are my favorites. 

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