Calico Critters Reviews of Characters and Accessories

Last Updated on October 10, 2022 by ellen

If you’re looking for Calico Critters reviews of some of their most popular playsets, keep reading for my thoughts on the characters and accessories I received. Calico Critters is a line of miniature animal figures complete with homes and accessories. They were introduced in Japan in 1985 and are now loved around the world. These adorable mini figures are flocked and soft to the touch which makes them unique among mini figurines for kids.

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Calico Critters Reviews

I received several Calico Critters playsets and toys to check out and wanted to share my thoughts with you. For those parents that are looking for non-candy Easter treats, these toys make wonderful gift ideas. Calico Critters are intended for children that are aged 3 to 4 and up. Calico Critters help children model caring, loving and nurturing. Each playset comes with a Calico Critter for your child to get started with. Extra characters can be purchased separately. Check out the video below for more photos of the two playsets.

Calico Castle Playground

The Calico Castle Playground features a sandbox, slide, lookout tower and includes Grace Hopscotch Rabbit. This accessory set will let your child play with Grace as she goes up the stairs and down the slide. She’ll peek out of the lookout tower and play in the sandbox. Grace is an adorable flocked bunny that is wearing a pretty red dress with a white lace collar. I love the detailing on this set. You can see the tiles on the roof of the lookout tower and the colorful stickers make this playset even more adorable. Parents will need to attach the castle, tower, flag, floor, and ladder. The stickers will also need to be applied. Buy it now.

Baby Choo-Choo Train

The Baby Choo-Choo Train includes a train, railway, station, crossing gate, signal and Jason Cuddle Bear. The accessory set will let your child give Jason a ride on his very own train as he goes around the track, through the mountains, and past the crossing gate. The Baby Choo Choo train can seat two Calico Critters. Jason Cuddle Bear is wearing a super cute turquoise pantsuit wit6h a lace collar. This train set is absolutely adorable and your child will have lots of fun giving her Calico Critters rides on the train as they move the crossing gate up and down. Parents will need to attach the train, station, crossing gate and signal to assemble as well as apply the stickers. Buy it now.

Calico Critters Baby Band Series Blind Bags

Of course, your child will love playing with their playsets and will want to add new Calico Critters to their collection. What better way to do that than with a Blind Bag. Each Blind Bag contains one Calico Critter. Which one your child receives is a surprise. The Calico Critters Baby Bandy series includes adorable little characters playing their own musical instruments and include things like a piano, xylophone, accordion, and violin. There are 8 different characters to collect.

Calico Critters Aquabeads

Most Calico Critters toys are intended for children ages 3 and up. The Aquabeads is intended for children 4 and up. It contains three bead stands, colored beads, a sprayer, template sheet and a layout tray. Your child will place the colored beads on the tray following the design. Then spray them with water and let them dry for an hour.  After that, they can place them on the stand to enjoy. Buy them now.

So, if you’re looking for a gift for your child that isn’t candy, these toys from Calico Critters are the perfect solution. You can find them at your favorite toy or mass retail store or on Amazon. I hope my Calico Critters reviews have helped you decide which of these toys is right for your child.