Christian Coloring Books for Adults by Felicity French

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Using Christian coloring books for adults as part of your devotion time is a great way to get creative and deepen your relationship with God. Devotion time doesn’t always have to be about reading your Bible and praying. It can be about walking in the woods or a coloring book with your favorite Psalm.

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Christian Coloring Books for Adults by Felicity French

Christian Coloring Books for Adults

Psalms to Color and Soothe the Soul allows readers to express their praise for God by coloring in 47 beautiful scenes that include passages from the Book of Psalms.

The floral patterns, nature scenes, and imaginative designs provide ample opportunity to engage in joyful coloring that will inspire and soothe the devoted reader’s soul. 

Next, simply add your own personal touch of color to the illustrations, and you will be rewarded with bliss.

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About the Author

So, Felicity French has illustrated many coloring books for adults and children, including I Heart Colouring, Kids Unplugged Animal Adventures, and The Lion Nativity Colouring Book. She draws by hand and loves to incorporate decorative patterns into her artwork. She lives in Cotswolds, England, with her husband John.

My thoughts

So, I have seen quite a few Christian coloring books for adults, but Psalms to Color and Soothe Your Soul is one of my favorites. Each page is a short Psalm with a floral or other design incorporated into it. Each page has one design on it with a blank back which makes it perfect for framing or displaying. There are simple pages for those that want lots of larger spaces to color. And, there are also pages with lots of small designs to color.

The verses in this coloring book are truly inspiring and some of my favorite Psalms. And, there are some that are comforting if you’re struggling or some that are inspiring if you want to get closer to God with your devotions. Since Psalms is my favorite book of the Bible, I love that there is a coloring book that focuses on those words.

Now, this coloring book would make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift or a treat for yourself.

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  1. Amazing im so glad they came out with adult coloring books i just love to color and now i can color things i love as to cartoon characters… thanks for sharing this great post with us…

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