How to Clean a Water Table

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Learn how to clean a water table at the end of the season. Learn how to clean water toys, so they are ready for next summer.

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Learn how to clean a water table at the end of the season. Learn how to clean water toys, so they are ready for next summer.

How to Clean a Water Table

We bought our granddaughter a water table. I cannot believe how much fun she is having with it this summer. This is the one we got her.

After each storm, we notice that it’s filled with leaves and other debris that get blown around. Every weekend before we watch her, we have to clean the water table to prepare it.

How often should you clean a water table?

It’s important to clean your water table regularly. Leaves and other debris can quickly become mold, harming your child.

Aim to clean the water table at least once a week or after every storm. You will also need to clean your water table before you put it away at the end of the summer.

How long can you leave water in a water table?

You can leave water in your water table for a few days. If it’s been longer, you’ll need to empty the water, clean the table, and refill it. Don’t let the water sit all week.

We clean it out every weekend before she visits. That way, the water toys are free of dirt when she wants to play with them.

a dirty water table in the grass

Tips for keeping mold out of your water table

Mold loves moisture, so keeping your water table clean and dry is essential. Here are some tips:

– Clean the water table regularly

– After storms, check the water table for leaves and other debris

– Empty the water table and clean it if you’re going to leave it unused for more than a few days

– Don’t store the water table in a damp place

a water table filled with soapy water

What can I clean a water table with?

You can wash your water table with a hose, a sponge, and dish soap. You can use a weak bleach solution if you have mold or mildew.

Or, you might want to consider a homemade cleaner like vinegar and baking soda. Just be careful not to remove the color from the table.

If you have used dish soap, you can let the solution sit for an hour or so. But don’t allow it to sit if you use bleach or vinegar to keep your water table clean. Otherwise, you may fade the color.

a blue and green children's toy in the grass

Cleaning your water table at the end of the season

When it’s time to put your water table away for the winter, you’ll need to clean it. Here’s how:

  • Empty the water from the table. It’s easiest to flip the water table upside down.
  • Wash the table with soapy water.
  • You can use a bleach wipe to scrub if you need to.
  • Clean out and let the table air dry.
  • Store the table in a dry place

I store the water table in our shed until next year. You can store it anywhere with a cover, so it doesn’t get dirty. If you have to keep it outdoors, consider covering it with a tarp when it is not in use.

water toys in the grass

Cleaning water toys

You’ll also need to clean the toys before storing them. You can use the same method for your bath toys. Here’s how:

– Squeeze the outdoor toys to get excess water out.

-Rinse the toys with clean water

– Wash the toys with soapy water

– Rinse the toys again and dry them thoroughly on a towel

– Store the toys in a dry place

If they are dishwasher safe, you can run them through a cycle to get them clean. Let them air out to make sure each toy is clean.

Water toys are a breeding ground for mold. Cleaning them weekly is very important.

toys drying in the sunny yard

How to let the table air dry

The easiest way to air dry your water table is to set it outside in the sun for a few hours. If you don’t have time, you can use a hairdryer on the cool setting.

You should also let the toys dry out. You can set them out in the sun or use a hairdryer on a cool setting.

After your water table is dry, you can store it away for the winter.

When should I replace my water table?

You may need to replace your water table if it starts to crack or break. Also, if the color starts to fade, it’s time for a new one. Water tables don’t last forever, but they can last a few seasons with proper care.

Check out these fun things to do with water.

Learn how to clean a water table at the end of the season. Learn how to clean water toys, so they are ready for next summer.

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