Playmobil EverDreamerz

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Have you ever seen Playmobil EverDreamerz? Check out this new highly collectible Playmobil figurine toy for children ages 7 and up. 

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If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out my EverDreamerz unboxing and get a look at the Series 1 figurines.

Have you ever seen Playmobil EverDreamerz? Check out this new highly collectible Playmobil figurine toy for children ages 7 and up. 


Playmobil EverDreamerz

Playmobil is expanding the magical world of EverDreamerz with the new Comic World line!! You can get a brand new Surprise Set where you can search for twelve magical characters from Comic World!

Each mystery box has five surprises inside. You might even meet Colorista, a new limited edition character! These are a perfect stocking stuffer.

I just received one of the Series 2 Playmobil EverDreamerz. There are 12 total in this collection and you know you are going to want them all. 

These figures are just too cute and each one has a different theme. Of course, you never know which one you’re going to get. These are blind boxes so the idea is that you need to get them all.

Each one of these figures includes the figurine and 5 different surprises.

Playmobil EverDreamerz

The surprises are different in each box. But, it includes:

  • Surprise figure
  • Collectible card
  • Charm
  • Sticker
  • Accessories

Like other Playmobil figures, the accessories snap on and off. So, if you have several different EverDreamzerz, they can share accessories whether it’s from Series 1 or Series 2.

What age are Playmobil figures for?

Because the Playmobil EverDreamerz figures have lots of tiny accessories, they are intended for children ages 7 and up. Some of the other types of figures are meant for younger kids. But, these have too many small pieces. 

What are these based on?

You should check out the EverDreamerz show on YouTube. The kids will love the antics of these five friends as they go on adventures and try new things.

And, you can check out all of the EverDreamerz unboxing videos to see what your child will have in each surprise blind box.

Playmobil figures in a row

Can I use them with other sets?

Yes, you can use these figures with any other Playmobil sets you want to. That’s what I love about Playmobil toys. Any figures that are the same size will work wonderfully together. 

Where can I buy Playmobil EverDreamerz?

Look for them in your favorite toy store or in the toy department of your favorite retailer. You can also find select Playmobil EverDreamerz on Amazon.