8 Fun Easter Gifts That Aren’t Candy

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I know that everyone loves sweets, but these Easter gifts that aren’t candy are a great alternative for people who are watching their sugar intake. 

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8 Fun Easter Gifts That Aren't Candy

8 Fun Easter Gifts That Aren’t Candy

Whether you celebrate Easter for the religious reasons or as the beginning of spring and warmer weather, it’s nice to have a few themed gifts to hand out to the kids or family members. We do a combination of crosses, bunnies, and flowers for Easter gifts at our house.

Potted Plant –

Traditionally, Easter means spring flowering plants like hyacinth, tulips, and daffodils. But, you could always do a pastel bouquet of cut flowers if you prefer.

Spring Outfit –

Whether that’s a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt or a new Easter dress, a spring outfit is always a great idea. Older kids may appreciate funky spring socks, pajamas, or a new pair of sandals.

three plush Easter bunnies

Plush Easter Bunny –

We do not recommend gifting animals as Easter gifts unless they are plush. A real live chick, bunny or even a kitten is a commitment that lasts for years.

Makeup & Spa Items –

My daughter has always loved getting flavored lip balms, bubble bath, bath salts and other spa items for Easter. How about a spring colored nail polish with Easter or spring themed nail decals?

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Jewelry –

I love the cute themed food jewelry available for kids right now. How about a cupcake necklace or a charm bracelet with cute food charms?

Stationary –

Who else remember the pens that smelled like fruit when you wrote with them? What fun was that! How about a candy covered notebook or Gummy Bear erasers?

a person making an Easter craft

Craft Kits –

Besides painting eggs with the kids, consider a few fun craft kits or art supplies. I’m sure they would appreciate markers, crayons, coloring books, or modeling clay.

Puzzles and Games –

I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and Easter is the perfect time to gift one to the kids. The weather may not be nice enough for outside play yet, but everyone can enjoy a puzzle. Look for springtime themes like farm animals, flowers, bunnies, etc.

Or, why not gift an Easter book like How the Bunny Learned to Fly?

You can find all sorts of non-candy Easter gifts at Dylan’s Candy Bar including stationery, plush Easter bunnies, jewelry and more. Of course, they also have Easter candy if you’d like to add a bit of that to your basket as well. Take advantage of this special 20% off coupon!

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10 thoughts on “8 Fun Easter Gifts That Aren’t Candy

  1. I keep several little plush bunnies around from sales, in case I need to make an Easter basket. For kids or adults, cutting down the sugar is always a good idea.

  2. once w e got older my grand ade over 50 ester basket out of bleach bottles and we put coloring books and thing in it for the kds

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