Fabric yo yo ideas - Easy Bookmark

Fabric Yo Yo Ideas – Easy Bookmark

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Since my daughter took my paint chip bookmark to use herself, I decided that it was time to find another easy bookmark to make for myself.  I have been decluttering my craft supplies and noticed that I have quite a lot of fabric I was going to use and never did. These fabric yo yo’s are super easy to make and use as a bookmark.

Fabric Yo Yo Ideas - Easy Bookmark

Fabric Yo Yo Ideas – Easy Bookmark

Since it’s close to Mother’s Day, you could use this easy bookmark for yourself or slip it inside a Mother’s Day card. There are a lot of different fabric yo yo ideas include planner clips, gift card attachments, bookmarks or card embellishments. Once you’ve created a few, it really takes only a few minutes to make one.


  • Scrap fabric. Enough to cut out a 4 1/2″ yo yo. That will give you a 2″ finished yo yo.
  • Needle and matching thread
  • Coordinating button or two
  • Large size paperclip
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Small piece of cardboard or cardcstock.


  • Cut the fabric circles into 4 1/2″ yo yo’s. You need one circle for each yo yo.
  • Fold the outer edge of the circle in by about 1/4″ and then do a running stitch around the edge until you have gone around the whole circle. DON’T CUT THE THREAD.

Fabric yo yo ideas - Easy Bookmark

  • Pull the needle and thread slightly so that it gathers and the circle is created.
  • Stitch through three of the gathers and knot to close the yo yo.
  • Cut the thread.

Fabric yo yo ideas - Easy Bookmark

  • Attach a button or two to the center of the yo yo to create a flower. The button should cover the open portion of the yo yo.
  • You can layer a smaller yo yo on top or layer a few buttons or even add a button and then a rhinestone to create unique looks.

Fabric yo yo ideas - Easy Bookmark

  • Cut a small circle out of cardboard or cardstock and glue it and the paperclip to the reverse side of the yo yo.
  • That’s all there is. Your bookmark is done.

Fabric yo yo ideas - Easy Bookmark

I can even use my bookmark as a planner clip for my (referral) Erin Condren Life Planner!

Fabric yo yo ideas - Easy Bookmark

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4 thoughts on “Fabric Yo Yo Ideas – Easy Bookmark

  1. This is a nice idea for lonely buttons and single earring flats I don’t want to throw out. I have some large colored paperclips like this and always plenty of fabric scraps. Moms and grandmothers would love this I think.

  2. I’m revisiting this post since I received some nice Christian bookmarks with messages that I want to add a little flower to. I have a friend in a nursing home that would love it and it would be harder for her to misplace with the flower and clip I think. Pretty sure I have my glue gun around here somewhere…!

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