Frankie Drake Mysteries on PBS now on DVD

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Are you a fan of Frankie Drake Mysteries on PBS? If so, keep reading because the entire first season is now available for purchase on DVD. We love watching mysteries and Frankie Drake takes places in the 1920s in Toronto so it’s a fun historical perspective as well as a great mystery.

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Frankie Drake Mysteries on PBS now on DVD


Frankie Drake Mysteries on PBS

In 1920s Toronto, follow the city’s only female private detectives as they take on the cases the police don’t want to touch. In a time of change and hopefulness, their gender is their biggest advantage as they defy expectations and rebel against convention.

The Drake Private Detectives take on cases that explore every cross-section of Toronto, from gospel church choirs, bathing beauties, and the early cinema scene, to the homes and private parties of the city’s elite. Frankie (Lauren Lee Smith, The L Word) and Trudy’s (Chantel Riley, The Lion King) fearless sense of adventure gets them into all kinds of trouble, but they always manage to find a way out. They are new detectives for a new world – but is the world ready for them?

Includes bonus video!

  • The Women of Frankie Drake Mysteries
  • 20s Style Feminism

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The ensemble cast also includes Chantel Riley, Rebecca Liddiard, Sharron Matthews, Grace Lynn Kung, and Emmanuel Kabongo. An array of high-profile guest stars including Laurence Fox (Gosford Park, Elizabeth: The Golden Age), Wendy Crewson (Air Force One, Room), Steve Lund (Hemlock Grove), Melanie Scrofano (Saw VI, RoboCop), Kris Holden-Reid (Underworld Awakening, K-19: The Widowmaker), and Laura Vandervoort (Smallville, Jigsaw, V), appear throughout the series.

Other titles available from PBS Distribution include: “MASTERPIECE MYSTERY!: GRANTCHESTER, SEASONS 1, 2 & 3†and “MASTERPIECE: PRIME SUSPECT: TENNISON.â€

My thoughts:

If you enjoy historical mysteries, you’ll want to check out Frankie Drake Mysteries on PBS.  I love the fact that it’s set in the 1920s which I’ve always been fascinated by. Unlike a lot of mysteries set in the past, this one is run by two women which makes it stand out to me. Plus, I think it gives the series a unique spin to see how they handle solving the mysteries.

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