LED Light-Up Color Changing Super Wubble Brite

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Have you heard about the color changing Super Wubble Brite? I’ve written before about how much we enjoy the Wubbles. You may remember my review of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball and the Water Wubble and how much fun we had with them. Well, have you heard about the Wubble that changes colors and lights up? 

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LED Light-Up Color Changing Super Wubble Brite

Super Wubble Brite

It looks like a bubble and lights up the night! It changes wild colors! It’s Super Wubble Brite, the LED light-up color changing Wubble!

LED Light-Up Color Changing Super Wubble Brite

It’s squishable and squashable, like the Wubbles you know, but this ball puts on a serious light show. Super Wubble Brite goes from red to blue to green and all the colors in between.

Made from the new super strong, super stretchy Xpandium. Super Wubble Brite starts out small, then inflates super tall so you can squeeze it, bounce it, and dance with it, all with the lights out.

LED Light-Up Color Changing Super Wubble Brite

It’s Super Wubble Brite, the color changing light shines from the inside out and it’s the lightest, brightest, Wubble Ball ever. In your room, yard, or at the park, it is even more fun in the dark. It comes with a super pump and deflator so you can play with it now or later.

LED Light-Up Color Changing Super Wubble Brite

My thoughts:

This really is the most fun we’ve had with a ball in a long time. I’m always impressed with how durable the Wubbles we’ve received are. The kids have so much fun tossing it back and forth at each other even at their ages. I appreciate that it comes with the pump and deflator so it can be inflated and deflated to be used again in the future. It makes it so much easier to store.

You can buy it on their site or at a variety of toy stores in your area. 

4 thoughts on “LED Light-Up Color Changing Super Wubble Brite

  1. I am determined to get one of these no later than next spring/summer so we can all play with it outside in the yard but especially to play with on the volleyball court. I hate playing with a hard ball that can hurt me but this one I wouldn’t be afraid of and it looks WAY more fun anyway.

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