Check out the Super Wubble Bubble Ball

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Do your kids love playing with bubbles and balloons? If so, have they tried the Super Wubble Bubble Ball? One of the most frustrating part about playing with bubbles or balloons is that they pop. The Super Wubble Bubble Ball looks like a bubble but plays like a ball.

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Super Wubble Bubble Ball

Super Wubble Bubble Ball

Super Wubble is up to four times stronger and more tear-resistant than the original Wubble Bubble Ball. Made with a new super stretchy material called Xpandium, it’s super smashable and super squashable. Bounce it, throw it, kick it, smoosh it, smash it, even sit on it!

Super Wubble Bubble Ball

See for yourself how Super Wubble holds up in the fun YouTube series, Super Wubble Vs. The World, where NSI International, the makers of Super Wubble, drop all kinds of objects on the giant bubble ball from the top of a building.

Watch Super Wubble take on everything from a pineapple and a bowling ball to a shopping cart and a toilet! And guess for yourself: Will it pop?

Super Wubble Bubble Ball

Super Wubble is a great way to get the kids outside to play and get active. There is a battery operated pump that’s included that you can use to inflate the Super Wubble Ball in just minutes.  

It really does stand up to active play outside even with older kids. It CAN pop if you really try – just like a ball can – but it stands up to tossing, catching, and bouncing.  

You can even deflate it again for storage when you’re done playing with it. It includes the ball, pump, nozzle, pouch, patch kit, and instructions.

Super Wubble Bubble Ball

Super Wubble Bubble Ball

The Super Wubble is available in four colors – Boing Blue, Go Green, Power Pink and Red Rox. You can see the Red Rox in these photographs. Buy it today!

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