Shimmer and Shine Magical Pets of Zahramay Falls

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Have you heard about the new Shimmer and Shine DVD: Magical Pets of Zahramay Falls? I have a thing for Genies which explains my love of this adorable DVD. Do you remember I Dream of Jeannie from the 1970s? I just loved that show! If you’ve ever watched Shimmer and Shine, you’ll see the resemblance. 

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Shimmer and Shine Magical Pets of Zahramay Falls DVD

Magical Pets of Zahramay Falls

Cuddle up with the adorable animals of the genie world in 8 awesome tails. Help Leah find her furever pet friend, meet Kaz’s magical Ziffilon, and grab a seat for an epic Pet Talent Show starring Tala, Nahal, Nazboo, and more!

Shimmer and Shine Magical Pets of Zahramay Falls contains eight different episodes from this Nickelodeon series. There are 94 minutes of programming included. The episodes included are:

Untamed Talent –

Leah’s Fox, Tala, Nahal, and Zayne all compete in the Zahramay Falls Pet Talent Show to win a wish from Princess Samira. Zeta enters Nazboo in the talent show and cheats to help him win so that she can have the prize for herself, but her plan backfires.

Pet Bedroom –

When Tala and Nahal accidentally get loose in Zahramay Falls, Leah and Parisa must track them down before Shimmer and Shine notice they’re gone.

Zany Ziffilon –

Zac offers to pick a pet for Kaz and wishes up a Ziffilon (part lion, part eagle). The pet isn’t exactly what Kaz imagined; he’s huge, he’s clumsy, and worst of all, he pounces on everything! When the Ziffilon runs away, the gang must venture out to bring him back before he causes any trouble.

Now You See Her –

After Zeta captures a rare Zahramay fox with color-changing fur, she uses the fur to make an invisibility potion so that she can steal gems from Samira. Now, it’s up to the girls to save Samira’s jewels and give the fox a new home.

Dragon Pox –

Nazboo is sick with a case of Dragon Pox and the only thing that can cure him is a magical dragon pepper from a dragon pepper tree. Leah, Shimmer and Shine must use some clever thinking to get the tree to give up the goods.

Bungle in the Jungle –

Samira sends Shimmer and Shine to find the legendary Jungle Gem which is hidden in an abandoned temple deep in the jungle. Once in the jungle, Leah, Shimmer and Shine, along with Tala and Nahal, find themselves dealing with glittery quicksand, colorful insect creatures and a giant tiger as they hunt for the hidden gem.

Potion Control –

When a potion mixing lesson goes awry and Samira is nowhere to be found, the girls turn to Zeta for help.

Boom Zahra-Mom –

When Zeta accidentally grabs the wrong egg for a potion, a baby bird hatches and thinks Zeta is her mama. The girls must help Zeta return the bird to its nest before the bird’s real mom finds out.

If you have a child that’s a fan of Shimmer and Shine, you’ll want to get this adorable DVD for them. They’ll love watching Shimmer and Shine and their magical pets have adventures. You may also like Shimmer and Shine Friendship Divine.

Buy this DVD today!

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