New Books for National Coloring Book Day

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 Did you know that National Coloring Book Day is August 2? It’s the perfect time to celebrate with a new coloring book and set of gel pens or pencils. 

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New Books for National Coloring Book Day

National Coloring Book Day

My kids always loved coloring when they were younger, but lately, coloring has become popular with adults as well. I’ve reviewed quite a few adult coloring books, and I love relaxing by coloring each night.

Wondering about the history of National Coloring Book Day?  Did you know that 1970 was the year that the very first coloring book marketed for adults was published?

It was an antique automobile coloring book. So, the very best way to celebrate National Coloring Book Day is to grab your favorite coloring book and get coloring!

Finally, here are two new books to tempt you.

coloring book and colored pencils

Hygge Happy Coloring Book: Coloring Pages for a Cozy Life

Discover the simple pleasures of hygge, the Scandinavian secret of happiness, with this lovely new coloring book for adults. Relax and feel your stress slip away as you focus your mind with creative coloring.

So, this is pronounced ‘hoo-guh,’ the Danish term hygge is all about basking in a mellow atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. 

Hygge Happy Coloring Book is packed with classic hygge images of soothing baths, cozy armchairs, delicious snacks, fragrant flowers, warm sweaters, and more. Coloring is the perfect way to slow down, escape the world, and embrace the hygge lifestyle. Let’s get hygge happy! Find it on Amazon.

Notebook Doodles Amazing Me: Coloring & Activity Book

Notebook Doodles Amazing Me provides a fun and interactive coloring diary for tweens to keep about themselves. Empowering art activities from talented artist Jess Volinski are designed to build confidence and self-esteem in young girls.

Jess also includes instructions on basic coloring techniques, fully colored examples, and motivational quotes to go with every design. Lets Explore Color activities make coloring easy for beginners, with fully colored examples and help in choosing colors.

Watercolors, colored pencils, markers, crayons, and gel pens will all look stunning on archival-grade, acid-free, 200-year paper. When you finish it, you can easily remove it to hang up or give as a gift.

This book has earned the DO Magazine Artist Fair Trade Seal of Approval. Find it on Amazon.

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  1. I loved coloring when i was little and it seems that has flown over to my “adulthood”. I have 3 coloring books that i dabble in when I’m anxious or can’t calm my mind.

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