Outdoor Throwing Toys For Active Children

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Outdoor throwing toys can be a great way to get your children up off the couch and outside to play. My son has ADHD and when he was small, he had enough energy to power a small country. One of the best ways I found to harness some of that energy was to send him outside to play.

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Outdoor Throwing Toys For Active Children

Outdoor Throwing Toys

One of the benefits of outside toys is that they encourage movement. You can throw, run, chase and get active outside much easier than you can in the house. As kids get older, they want toys that are more complex than your average ball and sand toys. The Helix Power Swing and Helix Hyper Ball are two awesome toys that encourage your child to swing, throw and launch their toys. Keeping these cool throwing toys on hand will definitely encourage them to go outside and move.

Outdoor Throwing Toys For Active Children

Helix Power Swing

New football with wire to swing for maximum distance. The wire will automatically roll back in after being released. Throw over 100 feet. Tap to launch up to 350 feet. This is an awesome outdoor throwing toy whether you want to use it at the beach, in the park, or in the city. It is recommended for ages 6 and up. Learn more about Helix Power Swing.

Helix Hyper Ball

Swing it and fling it with the all-new Hyper Ball. HyperBall is an outdoor toy perfect for a day out of catch and throw. The Helix Hyperball is a pocket-size light-weight ball with a special mechanism. Hold the ball from the tab and swing it to gain momentum. When you are ready, launch it in the air for amazing distance and a smooth flight. Show your trick shots but be very careful, Hyperballs are highly addictive. Recommended for ages 4 and up. Learn more about Helix Hyper Ball.

Of course, Helix offers some of the best throwing toys available in my opinion. You can also find their Helix Spinner, Helix Sports, and Helix Fun products. If your child enjoys outdoor play or you want to encourage them to be more active outside. These high-performance toys will definitely keep their interest.

You can find Helix toys on their website or at stores like Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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  1. I appreciate the recommendation for outdoor toys. It’s sometimes hard to find good options that get kids excited about outdoor play. The Helix Power Swing sounds like a blast!

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