Outdoor Toys for Older Kids to Enjoy

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Check out this collection of outdoor toys for older kids to enjoy. Get them outside and moving instead of on their electronics.

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Outdoor Toys for Older Kids to Enjoy

Outdoor Toys for Older Kids

As my kids got older, it was harder to get them outside and active than when they were younger. The lure of their electronics was just too strong some days. Thankfully, here are a collection of toys that they will want to go outside and use.

As your kids get older, they aren’t as likely to enjoy the same toys they liked when they were younger. So, you need toys that are made to withstand tougher play that will appeal to them. You won’t need to turn outdoor time into a battle when you have these outdoor toys for older kids on hand.

Best outdoor toys for older kids

Hyperstrike Zing

Hyperstrike Zing is an archery themed toy that will allow your child (aged 14+) to shoot arrows up to 250 feet! Why not set up an archery display in the backyard with a few targets for them to practice with. Check it out here. You can also pick up extra arrows for your bow if you need them. Find them here

a target for arrows in front of a treePop and Pass

This outdoor toy has taken the game of catch to an entirely different level. Your child can use the launcher to launch a foam ball into the air. They just insert it into the launcher, pull back on the handle to load it, and launch. They can play this game alone or with someone else. Find it here


Curve Ball

If your child dreams of being a pitcher, then they will love being able to put an amazing spin on every ball that they throw. If you want fun outdoor toys for older kids that will keep them moving, Curve Ball is it. They will use the launcher to toss and catch the balls that they throw. Buy it today

Atomic Power Popper

If your kids enjoy shooting toys, they will want to try Atomic Power Popper. These rapid-fire foam ball blaster guns shoot 8 soft foam ammo balls. And it’s great for indoor or outdoor play. Buy it now.

3 Outdoor Games Kids Play As They Get Older

Sk8 Riggs Handboard

Do your kids like to skateboard? Then, they may like to learn now to handboard as well. This is great for a beginner or a younger child who wants to play with an older sibling or friend. Get one here.

What are the best outdoor toys?

The best outdoor toys for older kids will be durable and challenging. You don’t want your child to get tired of the toy or game after a few minutes. Games requiring skills like throwing and catching a ball or shooting at a target will be more likely to keep them engaged. And, they can play alone or with friends or siblings. Here are my top choices.

Outdoor Toys for Older Kids to Enjoy

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