Pizza Party Throwdown Game

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Check out this Pizza Party Throwdown game where everyone races against the clock to fill orders. Play this fun family game today.

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Pizza Party Throwdown Game

If you have a child that loves helping you cook or has dreams of being a chef someday, this is the perfect family fun game to play. Who can resist making pizzas for all of their customers? 

This new pizza game is from Hog Wild Toys. I’ve shared lots of their fun games and toys here in the past. Do you remember the foam shooter toys? That was so much fun.

In this frantic, fun action game players race to see who can fling the most pizza toppings on the spinning pizza pie game board before time runs out!

How to play

Pizza Party Throwdown is an easy game that everyone in the family will enjoy. Each person chooses an ingredient, 8 toppings, and a plastic pizza chef game piece. You put the cardboard pizza on top of the spinner, spin it, and then flick your toppings on top of the pizza using your chef launcher. 

The pizza is divided into four different slices. So you can make changes to the game depending on how hard you want it to be. If younger kids are playing, just getting them to land a topping on the pizza is easy enough.

But, if you have older kids playing, you might want to set a rule that they have to land the topping on a specific piece instead. That way it won’t be quite as simple. 

The winner is the person who has the most toppings on the pizza when the pizza stops spinning around.

Pizza Party Throwdown Game Box

What’s included in Pizza Party Throwdown?

  • Spinner
  • Pizza playing board
  • 32 pizza topping pieces
  • 4 chefs with launchers

What age is this game for?

This game is intended for ages 4 and up. Any younger than that and they probably couldn’t aim the chef shooter to land the pieces. It’s a great way to encourage manual dexterity so it can’t hurt to try with supervision.

Check out this Pizza Party Throwdown game where everyone races against the clock to fill orders. Play this fun family game today.

Pizza Party Throwdown review

This game is easy to put together and to clean up after. The board game pizza folds up so it doesn’t take a lot of space up after you’re done playing.

The chef launcher pieces are sturdy and easy to manipulate. And, the plastic silicone topping pieces fly off the launcher and onto the pieces easily enough.

This game really only takes a few minutes to play. So, it’s perfect for younger kids with a limited attention span. If you want to play with older kids, you could easily do the best 10 out of 10 games to see who the winner is.

Where can I find this game?

If you want to pick up a copy of this fun family game, you can look for it at or you can find it on Amazon. Look for it in your favorite retailer’s toy section. 

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