Soccer Tips for Moms of Young Kids

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These important soccer tips for moms of young kids will help keep you sane during soccer season. We started my son in sports during his early elementary school years. We never pushed him into it. It was something that he was interested in from watching friends and hearing about it from books and TV. We weren’t initially sure about starting him in sports at a young age but wanted to give him the chance to follow an interest that seemed important to him.  Soccer seemed to be the sport that would be the easiest for a young child, so that’s the sport that we began with. 

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5 Important Soccer Tips for Moms of Young Kids


5 Important Soccer Tips for Moms of Young Kids

When we started our son in soccer, our goal was for him to be active, have fun and meet new friends. We weren’t expecting to raise the next soccer star or an Olympic athlete. Here are a few important soccer tips for moms of young kids that I tried to keep in mind during the process.

  • Practice matters. Yes, your child should be at every practice with all of their gear including their team jersey, soccer ball, safety gear, water bottle and snack. Even though they are young, it’s very important that they don’t miss practices.
  • Winning isn’t important. Sure, it would be nice if your child won every game and made the winning goal, but the important thing is that they have fun, get active and learn to be a good sport. Never boo your child or make them feel bad when they don’t win or for making a mistake. Yes, you can offer constructive criticism and helpful tips, but make sure you do it kindly and make the focus doing your best and not winning or losing.
  • The coach is in charge. Do not argue with the coach or interrupt the team meeting after the game. It’s the coaches job to tell the kids what they need to work on and to bolster their self-esteem.
  • Learn about the game. Learn the basic terms and rules of soccer so you can have an intelligent conversation with your child. No, you don’t need to memorize all the famous soccer star’s names, but try to show an interest in what your child is learning.
  • Attend the games. Try to attend as many games as you can. It can be a challenge especially for away games when you work outside the home. But, do attempt to be present at as many games as you can.

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