Leisure Arts Coloring Book: Bountiful Wonders

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Check out one of my favorite Leisure Arts coloring books! Learn why the Bountiful Wonders coloring book is my all time favorite.

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I love to color, and I have been looking for a Thanksgiving coloring book to enjoy. I’ve found tons of Halloween and Christmas themed books but hadn’t had any luck finding one for Thanksgiving. Now, I’m all set to do my holiday coloring!  Thanksgiving Coloring Book: Bountiful Wonders

Thanksgiving Coloring Book: Bountiful Wonders

Enjoy creative entertainment with Bountiful Wonders Color Art for Everyone, an adult coloring book from Leisure Arts and The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd. It features 24 design pages of intricate line drawings of autumn and harvest images, including florals, leaves, pumpkins, turkeys, owls, and more.

You will get hours of enjoyment and stress relief as you enhance the designs with colored pencils, markers, and other art media. Coloring has been proven to generate wellness and quietness in all ages, as well as to stimulate the brain areas related to the senses and creativity.

Each 8.5 inch x 10.875-inch sheet of premium paper is printed on one side only and perforated for easy removal.

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My thoughts:

Bountiful Wonders is a beautiful adult coloring book with a variety of different designs in a fall theme. So, the coloring book includes things traditional Thanksgiving foods, pumpkins, owls, turkeys, autumn leaves, and more.

Each page is single sided and made of a heavy-weight paper which is amazing. I can remove the pages and frame them if I like without destroying the picture.

Most of the pictures in this Thanksgiving coloring book are full sheet images with lots of detail. There are a few photos that are a single image in the center of the sheet – like a pumpkin or a Thanksgiving turkey.

An older child or adult will enjoy these detailed images the most. So, if you’re looking for a Thanksgiving coloring book for yourself, this is an excellent choice.

Where to buy Leisure Arts Coloring Books

Finally, you can buy this coloring book right here.

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4 thoughts on “Leisure Arts Coloring Book: Bountiful Wonders

  1. this is a great way to keep the kids busy at thanksgiving i mean this is an idea i like great for some time for the grown ups

  2. ooh this is so nice, I must get it to have on hand for the holiday! It would be fun to do when everything is done and put away, and nobody has any more energy to go for another walk.

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