5 Best Card Games for Seniors

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Seniors want to be entertained but don’t want to play the same games as their grandchildren. Check out the best card games for seniors to play.

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Seniors want to be entertained, but they don't want to play the same games as their grandchildren. Check out the best card games for seniors to play.

4 Best Card Games for Seniors

If you enjoy card games like classic solitaire and progressive rummy as much as we do, you have to check out these easy card games for 3. There are lots of fun suggestions!

Card games for seniors should be fun and engaging but also easy to understand. They shouldn’t make you feel like a kid again or give you a headache from looking at tiny cards.

While anyone can play these games, they tend to be the most popular with seniors. Have you tried games like spider solitaire or Only a King?

I’ve collected some of the best senior-friendly card games right here so that you don’t have to search for them! You’ll find everything from the classics to new favorites that will keep your mind sharp without stressing out your eyesight or reflexes. Enjoy!

What are the best card games for seniors? They’re the ones that keep your mind sharp without stressing out your eyesight or reflexes.

And these card games for older adults fit the bill perfectly! Grab your playing cards and get started.

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Pinochle is a card game where players try to outscore each other by capturing cards, points, and the game itself. To begin a pinochle game, players cut the deck to determine who plays first. The dealer then deals ten cards face down in two rows of five. Then he takes the three remaining cards for him or herself.

Players then have the chance to exchange their hand with the second row of cards (called “the widow”). Or, they can force an opponent to do it if they make a bid. Games start at 500 points and players score by capturing their opponents’ high point cards or melds that are worth single digits from 10 through ace, along with making bids on hands they think they can capture.

The winning player is the one who captures the most points, melds, and has the highest-scoring hand at the game’s end. In short, players are competing for points to win games and then capture hands in order to win that game. Find it here.

This is one of the best group card games for seniors.

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A game of bridge consists of four deals. Two team members sit opposite one another and play against the other two players on the opposing team. You will deal the cards out so that there are thirteen tricks per part in the game. There are three suits-spades, hearts, and diamonds-each containing fourteen cards.

The first two rounds of bridge are played with the remaining cards in a pack called the “partnership’s hand.” Both partners play together. Afterward, there is an auction where players bid on how many tricks they think they will win during the next round. Players can make bids up to 13.

This continues until all players have passed or made a bid that has been bid by another player. Once a player has successfully won the bids, that player is now considered the “declarer” and played against the other three players (who are playing as partners). The declaring player chooses which suit to play during this round.

The first two rounds of bridge are known as bidding for tricks. This is when players try to persuade opponents of their skill and make them overbid on the tricks they believe will be won in the next hand. This is also when players maintain a certain number of points that are required in order for another team to win.

Bridge is my Mom’s choice for the best card games for seniors. Find it here.

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You play Canasta with two decks of cards. Two, three or four players can play this partnership game. The player partnerships decide who will be the “declarer” and the “defender”. The declarer and defender are partners working together to beat the other pairs.

The declarer starts by drawing 10 cards from the stock, one at a time until he/she has 13 cards in his/ her hand. Then they play their first meld of three cards. When they have finished making their first meld, they need to put down one more card for each card in their initial meld of three cards.

Continue the above writing with the rule that the declarer can only play cards from his/her hand.

After the player has finished their initial meld, they are compelled to make a Canasta. To do this, they must put down every card in their hand as long as it is part of a legal Canasta or discard. Cards that are part of an illegal Canasta are not discarded.

Once the player has finished their initial meld, they have a choice of either attempting to put down more cards into a legal Canasta or drawing from the stock.

If the declarer puts down another card – that is part of an illegal Canasta – he/she must keep that card and discard those that are part of a legal Canasta. If the declarer draws another card, he/she must put down 1 card for every 2 they have drawn from the stock. This is one of the more popular card games for elderly people. Buy it here.

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Seniors play this entertaining card game with two or more players.  The object of the game is to collect and discard sets similar to other matching card games like Concentration. This game is popular with many people.

To begin playing, you need to shuffle and deal all the cards equally. Players take turns drawing cards from the draw pile until they have six cards in their hand then discarding a card from their hand onto the discard pile. He/she may continue drawing as long as desired if he/she has fewer than six cards in his/her hand. If one has no drawing cards, you need to stop pulling more cards from the pile until you draw another one because there are no more cards left to draw.

Players must try to match cards of the same or a higher value in order to collect them. You can match aces with any card from 2-10. Two’s are matched with 3’s and 4’s, etc. until 10’s are matched with Jacks and Queens, which means each Rummy set starts out as 5 cards long. If you collect 5 Jacks, this is called a “Fifth Street Hand” and two extra cards are added to the set.

As in most card games, 15 players may draw as many cards from the deck or discard pile that they want until it runs 5 out of cards. The remaining players keep playing to accumulate cards to make sets. This is such a fun game!  See it here.

Best card games for seniors

I like to joke with my husband that I love most of the card games old ladies play. You can find these old person card games at many retailers or look for them on Amazon. 

Seniors want to be entertained, but they don't want to play the same games as their grandchildren. Check out the best card games for seniors to play.

More card games to play

If you like to play card games, you may also enjoy these games.

Of course, there are many things that seniors enjoy doing. There’s no reason they can’t play a video game or board games if they like.

Or, they can always play solitaire card games online if they prefer.

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