The American Bible Challenge Board Game

The American Bible Challenge Board Game

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Family game night isn’t something that we do anywhere near as often as I’d like. It gets harder to have family game night now that the kids are teenagers. Their schedules are hectic so it’s difficult to get everyone together at one time. Plus, it’s not easy to find a game that appeals to everyone now that they’re older.

The American Bible Challenge Board Game

The American Bible Challenge Board Game

Last night, we got together for a family game night playing The American Bible Challenge Board Game. This game is intended for children and adults ages 13 and older.  Players move their game piece around the board and answer questions based on what color tile they land on. As they answer questions correctly, they mark off on the board (with a special marker). The person who marks everything off first wins.

The American Bible Challenge Board Game

What makes this different than other trivia type games is the type of questions. Yes, they are all based on the Bible but there are lots of different types of questions.

  • Answering what book of the Bible a verse comes from
  • Answering who spoke a verse in the Bible
  • Spelling a word from the Bible
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Bible or Bogus (did a saying come from the Bible or not)
  • Charades
  • Putting books of the Bible in order

The American Bible Challenge Board Game

The American Bible Challenge Board Game was so much fun to play. I am the first to admit that my Bible skills need some serious brushing up.  My son did the best of all of us on the questions. The spelling category was one we all did well in and everyone enjoyed the charades category. I’m sure it was especially fun to see me up on a chair trying to act out “locust” for them to guess.

The American Bible Challenge Board Game

Don’t be intimidated by this being a Bible themed game. You really don’t need to be a Bible whiz to have fun with this. Anyone can spell and anyone can act out a charade. Some of the Bible questions were definitely a challenge but there were a few that were pretty basic too. We all had a great time with The American Bible Challenge Board Game and I cannot wait to play again!

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  2. I would love to get the Children’s Bible Trivia board game and The Gigantic Book of Bible Word Searches.

  3. I would love to take advantage of the Jesus Calling sale right now and get some Christmas gifts for girlfriends!

  4. I played Bible board games with my children when they were growing up and it is a great way to instill Bible facts. this looks like a good one and it is different from those I bought for my children

  5. I think I would be horrible at this game but it would be a great gift for my little sister.

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