Animal Zentangles Adult Coloring Book by Nathaniel Wake

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Have you seen the latest Animal Zentangles adult coloring book? Nathaniel Wake has an amazing collection of adult coloring books and this one is quickly becoming my favorite.

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Animal Zentangles Adult Coloring Book by Nathaniel WakeAnimal Zentangles Adult Coloring Book

Do you know what zentangles are? A zentangle is a way to create an image using repetitive patterns. That means that each of the animals in this coloring book are made up by a series of repeated images. You have probably seen several of my reviews of Nathaniel Wake’s coloring books in the past. If not, check out the Animal Coloring Book and the Mandala Mania.

Step inside the wonder, the enchantment, and the beauty of a world celebrated by the elements of color, concentric design, and pattern. Within each world there are endless possibilities, and in this latest installment of Nathaniel Wake’s Adult Coloring Book Line, you now have at your fingertips an infinite amount of control to design the natural world anyway you want.

From majestic birds to regal zebras and sweet pups, this installment masterfully combines life and abstract in a comprehensive, inspiring collection. With 35 new unique designs there are countless hours worth of high-resolution glossy images for you to color, create and enjoy. This collection contains the perfect combination of tranquil animals and stress-reducing zentangle designs that are ideal for the beginner to advanced colorist looking to incorporate animal elements into their sessions.

Explore the wild like never before with these inspiring animal zentangle designs carefully crafted for the artist in all of us.

My thoughts:

I really love the wide range of different animals that are included in this coloring book. You have everything from cats and dogs to lions and wolves. It is so much fun to color in the different zentangles and watch the picture come to life. Each design is on its own piece of paper which means that I don’t need to worry about bleed through or losing a coloring page if I want to frame them. Plus, at the end of the coloring book, he has included sample pages from his other coloring books! And, there are video previews of these books on his social media channels.

If you enjoy zentangles, you will definitely want to create a few new designs with the Animal Zentangles Adult Coloring Book by Nathaniel Wake. Buy it now.

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