Fairy Life Adult Coloring Book by Nathaniel Wake

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You are going to love the Fairy Life adult coloring book by Nathaniel Wake! I’m a huge fan of fairies from the traditional children’s cartoons to adult fantasy fiction stories. So, when I heard Nathaniel Wake had a new coloring book all about fairies, I couldn’t wait. You have probably seen several of my reviews of his coloring books in the past. If not, check out the Animal Coloring Book and the Mandala Mania.

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Fairy Life Adult Coloring Book by Nathaniel WakeFairy Life Adult Coloring Book

The legends of the fairies date back millennia and criss-cross our world from every corner where imagination thrives. Dark and light, terrifying and powerful, these incredible creatures come in all shapes, sizes, and forms–and now you too can help bring the legends to life in this all-new adult coloring book featurette!

Not limited to your typical run-of-the-mill ball of lights with wings, these fairies are bad to the bone and larger than life! Forget what you know about pixie dust and redesign the world of fairies in your image. With 35 all-new unique renderings of fairies, you can travel the world discovering the many concepts that have kept this wonderful creature of lore alive in the hearts and minds of humans for generations!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite artist’s tools and rewrite the myths from the comfort of your own home. The world of fairies awaits!

My thoughts:

I love that Nathaniel Wake takes this coloring book so much further than your traditional fairy pictures. While I love the cute fairies from children’s cartoons, I also love the steampunk and outer space themed fairies that he has included in this adult coloring book. Each design is on its own piece of paper which means that I don’t need to worry about bleed through or losing a coloring page if I want to frame them. Plus, at the end of the coloring book, he has included sample pages from his other coloring books! And, there are video previews of these books on his social media channels.

If you love fairy coloring books for adults, you need to look at the Fairy Life adult coloring book by Nathaniel Wake. Buy it now.

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