Baking Ideas Children Will Love

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Are you looking for baking ideas children will love helping you with? I’ve always enjoyed baking with the kids. I tried to involve them in cooking from a young age so it was something they had experience with as they got older. Now that both kids are adult, I’m proud that they have both been able to cook for themselves for a number of years. So, how can you encourage your child to enjoy baking and cooking?

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Baking Ideas Children Will Love to Help You With

Baking Ideas Children Will Love

Of course, most children will enjoy things like frosting cupcakes. But, there is a lot more to learn about baking and cooking than that.

So, how can you get your younger child interested in helping in the kitchen? Here are a few simple ideas you can start with depending on their age.

Baking Ideas Children Will Love to Help You With

Play cooking

Most children love to emulate what you do. If this is the case, give your child some sort of play kitchen so they can practice what they see you do. For younger children, a play kitchen with play food and dishes works wonderfully.

If your child is a bit older, you can get them an Easy Bake Oven and allow them to make their own creations. These are both handy for times when they want to make something but you aren’t planning on baking.

Baking cups

Get your child a set of measuring spoons and measuring cups to play with. Not only will this let them practice baking in their kitchen, but it will help reinforce basic math skills.

You can take them to the beach or play in the sandbox. Or, let them measure water in the bathtub. Then, get started with a few kid friendly baking recipes.

Children’s Cookbook

Let your child choose a few recipes that they would like to make with you. Recipes in your cookbook may be too challenging for them to read. But, you can get them their very own children’s cookbook to start with.

These cookbooks generally have larger writing and engaging illustrations. Look for baking recipes for beginners.

Their Own Apron

Get them their own apron to wear while baking. Dressing up is always fun for younger children. You can even get them a chef’s hat to wear and their own baking mitts and pot holders to use while you’re working together.

Start young and your children will enjoy baking as they age. Do you have any other baking ideas children will love? Check out these easy kids cooking recipes. Or, learn more about teaching your child to cook.

If you’re looking for something fun to do that doesn’t involve turning the oven on, try these easy Dragon Toes Peanut Butter Cookies.

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