Best Diamond Art Kits for Beginners

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Have you been looking for diamond art kits for beginners? Check out these diamond painting kits and get started on this fun new hobby today.

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a white couch with a diamond art painting above it on the wall

Best Diamond Art Kits

I just love getting creative and there are so many different types of crafts you can try. Have you had time to host a paint party at home yet? These are so much fun.

Or, if you have kids at home, you might want to try a few of these Disney Art Studio kits. It’s a fun parent/child activity for everyone to enjoy.

It seems like everywhere I look lately, I see someone talking about these fun new craft kits. Have you had a chance to try them?

The designs are just gorgeous and the colors are so bright and vibrant. Not only do they sound like an interesting craft, but they also look great on the wall when you’re done.

What is a diamond art kit?

It’s really exactly what it sounds like. You are painting with colored diamonds.

Each kit includes a canvas that is numbered like a paint-by-number kit. And, it includes colored diamonds. 

Each of the numbers or symbols on the canvas corresponds to a specific color diamond. You add the diamonds to the canvas to make the picture.

close up of a craft kit with applicator

What is the best way to do a diamond painting?

If you are new to this craft, you really need to start with a kit. They have detailed instructions, plus they have all the tools and supplies you need. 

Read the instructions carefully as each type of kit is a little bit different. Start with something relatively simple. 

Some diamond art kits take around 5 to 6 hours to complete. But, the more complicated kits can take up to 50 hours. 

Know how much time you have and how much motivation. Start small if you are new to the craft.

Do I need to seal my diamond painting?

If you want to hang this on the wall with stretcher bars, you definitely need to seal it. This will keep all of the diamonds in place. You don’t want them to fall off as you’re hanging it.

Are these art kits for kids?

The larger diamond art kits aren’t really intended for children because they take hours to complete. If your child has a long attention span and has no problem working on a craft for several days before it’s finished, then go ahead and let them try one.

Younger kids would enjoy these Colortime Crafts and Markers.

a close up of a diamond art painting kit with diamonds and tool

Where can I buy these kits?

For the best selection, I really recommend shopping online. Here are just a few diamond art kits that I think are gorgeous. 

Tea and Books Llama

Sip some of her sensuous tea and take a tingling tip from this literate blue-eyed llama. Purple is the color of passionate pursuits so open a book and let your mind venture with excitement into the sparkling universe before you. Buy it here.

Hipster Boston Terrier

A cross between the English Terrier and Bulldog, Boston Terriers are a distinctly American breed especially known for their playful energy and comedic antics. With his red bow tie and matching spectacles, this adorable yet proper fellow is ready to start his freshman year at Harvard. Buy it here.

Have you been looking for diamond art kits for beginners? Check out these diamond painting kits and get started on this fun new hobby today.

Share the Outdoors

Smell the crisp, fresh, autumn air while drowning in the sounds of the babbling brook. Get back to nature and the great outdoors with these beautiful diamond art kits where man and wildlife meet in harmony. Buy it here.

Blue Summer Wren

Relax into the lazy days of summer with this beautiful little blue painting of fragrant flowers and a flying friend. Vibrant and alert, our warbling wren takes a break from her busy day to socialize with three companion cups. Buy it here.

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