Best Kids Camping Toys and Activities

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Kids camping toys and activities will help keep your child entertained and encourage a love of camping. Check out the best toys and games.

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Top Kids Camping Toys

It’s too easy for kids to become bored when they don’t have games and activities to keep them entertained when you’re away from home. And, I’ve written before about my favorite kids’ toys to keep kids busy.

Check out this list of creative toys for toddlers. Or, you might want to try a few of these astronomy activities.

So, you may be expecting that your child will simply entertain themselves while you’re on vacation. And, while that may be true, it might not be as easy as you think.

No one wants to deal with a bored, whining child when they are trying to have fun and relax. These ideas will help your child entertain themselves.

You don’t need to take along the whole toybox when you go camping. But, offering your child a few special toys will help keep them busy. 

Or, if you’re sending your child to summer camp, check out these summer camp essentials.

a family camping and a blue tent in the woodsWhat can my child do camping?

What you bring along will depend on the type of site you go to and what they offer. Ask yourself about the types of amenities they have. 

Is there a pool or a lake to swim in? Is there a sandbox or a playground? Do they have scheduled activities for the kids to participate in?

And, it’s important that you understand how your child entertains themself. Do they get bored easily? Or will you need to bring along kids camping toys to keep their interest?

pails and shovels in the sand


Best camping toys for kids

If the site you’re visiting has a sandbox or a beach area for play, why not bring along your child’s favorite pail and shovel. These beach sand toys are durable and will provide hours of fun.

Or, your child might want a few big dump trucks to play with. They can load the truck bed with sticks, rocks, or their favorite chunky animals as they zoom around the tent or RV.

To help encourage your child to play creatively, figurines are often a great choice to bring along. I love the sets that come with their own carry cases to hold all the pieces and parts.

This helps your child be mobile. And, it’s a great way to prevent losing all the pieces to your child’s playset.

Playmobil kids camping toys

Playset and figurines

Playmobile has a fun new product in their Family Fun line. The Family Camping Trip playset includes a tent, figures, and all the accessories your child needs to create their own miniature version of your vacation.

If you’re looking for camping themed toys, this is a great option.

This set is complete with a foldable tent, sleeping bags, a table, and chairs! And, of course, since it’s from Playmobil, the attention to detail and durability are always top-notch.

I love that this toy camping set includes lanterns, cooler, folding chairs, and even a frying pan. They have all the accessories they need to mimic what mom and dad are doing while they go about the day.

There are 78 different pieces in this playset that’s intended for kids who are aged 4 and up.

a boy with a fishing pole and a green pail near a riverActivities to engage your preschooler

Of course, there are lots of activities your child can do besides these ideas. Why not create a nature scavenger hunt and let them see what they can find.

Or, teach them to fish with their own fishing pole. Go for a hike in the woods and enjoy nature. Bring along their bike or a wagon.

Kids camping toys and activities will help keep your child entertained and encourage a love of camping. Check out the best toys and games.Here’s a quick guide to the best kids camping toys

  • Pail and shovel
  • Play lantern or flashlight
  • Fishing pole

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