Fun Summer Toys for Kids

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Check out these fun summer toys for kids ages 4 and up. Keep kids entertained with these toys at home or in their own backyard.

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Fun Summer Toys for Kids

Help your kids have endless fun this summer with a few of these toys. Whether you have multiple children or only one, you can keep kids occupied with these new toys.

Outdoor toys are ideal for summertime. But, you’ll want to have a few inside toys for imaginative play during a rainy day when outdoor play isn’t possible.

If you have kids younger than 4, one of my favorite outdoor toys is a water table. They can have so much fun outside with this.

Grab a few of these toys and pack a picnic lunch. The kids will have so much fun at your local park playing with their friends. These picnic games for kids are great choices for family picnics and barbecues.

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Best outdoor toys for active kids

You can also take kids out for a day trip to burn off energy. Consider a bounce house, jungle gym, rock wall, or water slides. Kids of all ages will enjoy these day trips.

If you have kids that love physical activity, check out a few of these toys for outdoor fun at home in your backyard.

Zing Avatar RC Deluxe Banshee Lifestyle Image

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Avatar RC Deluxe Banshee (8+)

The Avatar RC Deluxe Banshee from ZING Toys is the perfect toy for kids and flight enthusiasts alike. With a 14” wingspan, realistic sound effects, two different flying modes, and system voice notifications, this remote-control aircraft is sure to provide hours of fun.

The Height Limit Mode allows beginners to fly up to nine feet in altitude, while the Free to Play Mode offers no limitations, allowing kids to perform simple tricks and invent their own.

The remote control also has 25 voice notifications available such as “Connected and ready to fly” and “Turning left”. This toy comes with a remote control, two rechargeable lithium batteries, a USB charger, and more! Find it here.

Zing Avatar Defender Bow Lifestyle Image

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Avatar Defender Bow (8+)

The Avatar Defender Bow is a fun and safe bow set from ZING Toys that allows kids to launch soft, suction cup arrows up to 40 feet away. This set includes bows and arrows as well as bungees that hook into the arrows, allowing for easy firing.

The arrows are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play and can stick to nearly any flat surface. With its soft, foam construction, the Avatar Defender Bow is a great way for kids to get active and enjoy some outdoor fun!  Get it here.

Blip Toys Zoom-O Lifestyle Image

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Zoom O Glow in the Dark Disc Launcher (5+)

The Zoom-O Glow in the Dark Disc Launcher from Blip Toys is a great way to have outdoor fun both during the day and at night. This easy-to-use hand-held launcher allows you to send discs soaring up to 100 feet in the air with just one pull of the cord.

Kids will love watching their disc fly as they control the trajectory and direction of their launch. This launcher is perfect for kids ages 5 and up but can be enjoyed by anyone who loves to get active outdoors. With its safe foam discs that are designed to glow in the dark, the Zoom-O Glow in the Dark Disc Launcher will provide hours of outdoor fun day or night for younger kids or big kids! Find it here.

Atomic Power Popper (4+)

This play package comes with an Atomic Power Popper and a Sticky Target. Pump the handle to launch soft foam balls up to 20 feet away. You can use it indoors or outdoors.

The Sticky Target rocks back and forth for more target action – when you hit the target, the foam balls will stay stuck! Comes with 12 neon-colored foam balls so you can play all day long! With the Atomic Power Popper + Sticky Target, you’ll be blasting your way into summer for endless fun. Get ready to experience some high-flying action in the great outdoors! Find it here.

Check out these fun summer toys for kids ages 4 and up. Keep kids entertained with these toys at home or in their own backyard.

Best creative toys for summer fun

There’s nothing worse than hearing I’m bored on a rainy day. Kids will have endless opportunities for summer fun with these creative toys.

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Playmobil Picnic Adventure with Horses (4-12)

The PLAYMOBIL Picnic Adventure with Horses is a 67-piece set ideal for imaginative summertime play. This complete picnic set includes figures, horses, and accessories such as blankets and food items that are perfect for an outdoor gathering.

With its range of creative details and lovingly designed horse figures, this set provides hours of delightful entertainment for kids of all ages. Kids can set up a picnic spot under the trees where they can watch the horses interact and enjoy yummy snacks.

There’s plenty of room for friends, family, and even their favorite stuffed animals to join in on the fun! A great way for children to create their own summertime memories with this adorable PLAYMOBIL Picnic Adventure with Horses set. 

Additionally, the PLAYMOBIL Picnic Adventure with Horses is compatible with additional PLAYMOBIL sets and themed expansions so that kids can add elements to create their own custom play scenarios. With its robust construction and vibrant colors, this set will provide years of imaginative fun!  Find it here.

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Playmobil Catamaran (4-10)

The PLAYMOBIL Catamaran is a fun boat to play with in the water! It has a steering wheel, seats, a sun net, two sails, and food. You can pull the little girl through the water in the swim ring and two water wings will keep her safe.

The Catamaran can float and you can buy an underwater motor for it to make it even more fun (but it does not come with it). Ages 4-10. Get your PLAYMOBIL Catamaran today and enjoy a great day at sea! 

Kids will want to take this fun play set to the beach but they can also enjoy it in the tub or backyard pool. It’s a great outdoor toy for a hot summer day. Find it here.

Playmobil toys are ideal for families with multiple kids. You can use more than one play set together to create a larger themed playset. Combine the Playmobil Picnic Adventure with Horses along with one of the farm-themed playsets.

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More classic toys for the whole family

Here are a few more toys for kids you may want to add to your outdoor toy list.

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