Jelly Belly Gum Flavors

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Have you tried the new Jelly Belly Gum? Check out all the delicious new flavors of Jelly Belly chewing gum and share a piece or two with a friend!

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Tired of the same old gum flavors? Say goodbye to boring with Jelly Belly Gum! They have four new, exciting flavors for you and your friends. Try out the mouth-watering Very Cherry flavor or if tropical flavors are more up your alley then give Island Punch a try. The best part about it is that these new flavors are sugar-free!

Have you tried the new Jelly Belly Gum? Check out all the delicious new flavors of Jelly Belly chewing gum and share a piece or two with a friend!

Jelly Belly Gum Flavors

Jelly Belly is the world’s most popular brand of jelly beans. Now, you can enjoy these same flavors as chewing gum. Jelly Belly Gum is perfect for after meals, game-time snacks, and even to make your boring day more flavorful. Each pack comes with 12 pieces of delicious flavors that will not disappoint!

Jelly Belly Gum is the go-to snack when you’re looking for something delicious in a small package. With four different flavors available they have something great for everyone – from watermelon to Berry Blue!

packages of watermelon gum

Does Jelly Belly make gum?

They definitely do! I was so excited to learn that they have 4 new flavors of sugarless gum:

  • Watermelon
  • Very Cherry
  • Berry Blue
  • Island Punch

Jelly Belly sugar free gum is a new product line that is now available in Dollar Tree, Speedway, and Party City. Or, you can find it on Amazon

new Jelly Belly Gum flavors

My thoughts

I’m a huge fan of their jelly beans so I was very excited to learn that they now have chewing gum. And, the gum really does taste just like the same flavors of the jelly beans. Best of all, it is sugar free which means that my husband can enjoy a few pieces when he’s craving something sweet without worrying about it impacting his blood sugar. 

Unlike some gum flavors I’ve tried in the past, the flavor really lasts so you can enjoy it for more than just a few seconds after you pop a piece in your mouth.

Each pack holds 12 pieces and 2 pieces is considered a serving. The package is the perfect size to fit in a pocket or to toss in backpack if you’re heading to school. 

It is both gluten free and peanut free. And, I love that it is Made in the USA!

If you’re craving the sweet fruity taste of Jelly Belly candies, now there’s a new way to experience them! Try out the Jelly Belly gum flavors for freshly chewed flavor that really lasts!

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