Best Kids Gardening Toy Ever

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Check out the best kids gardening toy ever! If you’re looking for outdoor garden toys that really work, I have one to recommend.

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Check out the best kids gardening toy ever! If you're looking for outdoor garden toys that really work, I have one to recommend.

Best Kids Gardening Toy

If your child has shown some interest in those fairy garden pots I shared, why not take it a step further and let them grow something of their own?

You can always encourage their curiosity by sharing a few of these spring books for kids the next time you have storytime.

Children are naturally curious. And, encouraging that curiosity when they’re young is a wonderful way to establish a lifelong interest in something.

Gardening is a valuable skill that I really feel everyone should have. You may not choose to have a huge outdoor garden. But, knowing how to grow a few seeds if you need to is still important.

To get your child in the mood to garden, you can make this adorable bumble bee craft. It’s a simple way to explain how the birds and bees help our gardens grow.

What do you need to get started gardening with kids?

The Hape Nature Fun growing gardeners greenhouse is intended for children ages 4 years and older. 

This is one of the best kids gardening toys I’ve come across because it encourages your child to grow their own plants.

This toy is basically a miniature greenhouse for kids. It is made of plant plastic so it’s sustainable. 

In my mind, bamboo is something we should be using more of because it is much less invasive than other options. 

Toilet paper roll recycled as a seedling planters

How to use the miniature greenhouse

You will need to provide 6 toilet paper rolls, soil, and seeds for your child to use this kids gardening kit.  Your child may also want a few kids gardening tools or a pair of kids gardening gloves to complete the activity.

The kids gardening toy greenhouse has 6 indentations in the bottom tray. Your child will need to place the toilet paper roll upright in the indentation.

Then, they will need to add soil and whatever type of seed they would like to grow. Water and sunlight will take care of the rest.

All they need to do is to place this greenhouse in a sunny spot and wait for the seeds to germinate. When the seeds sprout, they can rotate the lid 180 degrees to add circulation and help the plants grow.

a little girl in the garden

Best plants for kids to grow

For a younger child, start with a seed that germinates easily rather than something that’s more difficult.

And, it’s important that the seed transplants easy as well. Once the seed starts to grow, they will want to transplant it into a garden or larger pot to complete the process.

Check out these 10 flowers to grow with kids. These flowers help engage their senses. Here are a few easy plants for kids to grow in this kids gardening toy:

  • Sunflowers
  • Snap peas
  • Pumpkins
  • Radishes
  • Salad greens
  • Marigolds
  • Zinnias

Check out the best kids gardening toy ever! If you're looking for outdoor garden toys that really work, I have one to recommend.

Where can I buy Hape Gardening Toys?

You can find this Nature Fun Growing Gardener’s Greenhouse in a variety of retail stores. Check their website for a store near you. 

But, you may also be able to find it in stores like Target and Walmart. Other Hape toys include things like a butterfly net, explorers bug jar, compass set, and hand-powered flashlight. 

I love that these toys have real-life applications.  Hape believes in making products like this kids gardening toy from sustainable materials whenever possible. And, they frequently use bamboo and wood in their products.

If you want the best kids gardening toy for younger kids, you definitely need this.

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