Fairy Garden Pots Ideas

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Check out these easy DIY fairy garden pots ideas for the kids to make. Learn more about how to make a DIY mini fairy garden of your own.

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Getting the kids out into the garden is so much fun. Have you had a chance to try this kids fairy craft yet? I love how it turned out!

Or, you might want to learn more about decoupage for kids and make your own flower pot.

a miniature fairy garden pot with yellow flowers

Fairy Garden Pots Ideas

So, a fairy garden pot is simply a flower pot that you or your child has turned into a home for a fairy. It can be an indoor or outdoor planter in several different sizes.

This craft is really all about using your imagination. Each one will be a little bit different based on what types of supplies you have at home and what you think your fairy would like in their home. 

Check out these easy DIY fairy garden pots ideas for the kids to make. Learn more about how to make a DIY mini fairy garden of your own.


What do you put in the bottom of a fairy garden?

This really depends on if your flower pot is inside or outside. And, it depends on where you live. You can use sand for an indoor fairy garden. Or, you can use potting soil or even small rocks for an outdoor fairy garden.

If you don’t want your fairy to get dirty outside, you can cover the potting soil with a thin layer of bark mulch.

step by step photos to make this craft

What are good plants for a fairy garden?

You can use any number of different plants but it’s best if they are smaller so they match the size of your fairy. Why not try a few of these? Or, use what’s commonly growing in your zone.

  • Polka dot plant
  • Spikemoss
  • Mexican Heather
  • Wood Sorrel

You can also make your own miniature flowers. Now would be a great time to get your child interested in gardening with one of these kids gardening toys.

a miniature house in the garden

How do I protect my fairy garden from rain?

This was created just for the kids to play with so it’s fairly sturdy and should hold up to rain. But, if you don’t want yours to get wet, keep it on the porch. Or, make an indoor fairy garden.

a miniature house in a fairy garden

Fairy garden ideas for outdoors

You can create a fairy home just about anywhere. The key is to use weatherproof materials if you want them to be outside. They make lots of garden miniatures that would work for fairy furniture. 

You can start with an upside-down flower pot for a home. Or, you can buy a miniature house and furniture for a fairy garden.

It really does depend on how much you want to spend and whether you want a fairy garden for a child or an adult. 

A fairy garden with a house and walk way

The sizes of your fairy garden pots really depend on your preference. You can make something huge with an old rubber planter. Or, you can make something smaller in a terrarium or small flower pot. 

Fairy garden accessories

Check out these easy DIY fairy garden pots ideas for the kids to make. Learn more about how to make a DIY mini fairy garden of your own.

Make a miniature fairy garden pot

This is what you need to make your own little garden pot to place in your fairy garden.


  • Thimbles
  • Small flowers (these were from Dollar Tree, but you can find similar ones anywhere)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Gorilla glue

step by step photos to make this craft


  • Lay down paper or cardboard to protect your work surface.
  • Pour some paint onto a paper plate, and paint each of the thimbles, including the bottom, and inside. Allow to dry, then add another coat of paint if needed.
  • Remove flowers from the stem.
  • Apply glue to the inside of a thimble, and around the edges. Stick a flower inside, ensuring that it sticks into the glue.
  • Allow to dry, then decorate your fairy garden with the pots.

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